Where Is Sanditon Filmed?

If you want to know where is Sanditon filmed, you should read this article.

Sanditon, the television adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, has captured the hearts of viewers with its regency-era drama and picturesque settings.

You might find yourself enchanted by the beautiful landscapes and grand estates that form the backdrop of the series.

You may be curious about where the sandy shores and elegant scenes of this period drama are brought into reality.

The sandy expanses featured heavily in the show are predominantly shot on the shores of the seaside town of Brean in Somerset.

This beach is known as one of Europe’s longest stretches of sand, providing a perfect canvas for the coastal allure of Sanditon.

Meanwhile, the opulent Sanditon House, home of the imperious Lady Denham, takes form in the historic Dyrham Park and Badminton House, both boasting authentic 17th-century aesthetics, which are located near Bristol.

The fictional town of Sanditon comes to life through a collection of real beaches, stately homes, and historic locations that fans can actually visit.

Where Is Sanditon Filmed?

“Sanditon,” the television adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished novel, showcases a variety of filming locations that immerse you in the regency era.

These settings were carefully chosen across different parts of the UK to authentically represent the fictional coastal town.


Your journey through the filming locations begins in Bristol.

Bottle Yard Studios is the hub for many interior scenes you see on the show.

Just outside the city, Dyrham Park represents the grandeur of Sanditon House, with its 17th-century history and architecture providing a majestic backdrop.


Moving to the seaside, Clevedon captures the essence of Sanditon’s coastal charm.

The town’s historic structures and Clevedon Pier complement the series’ period setting.

Brean Beach is especially noteworthy for the sea scenes that are so central to the town’s character in the show.


Lastly, your exploration takes you across Somerset, incorporating picturesque towns such as Weston-super-Mare.

The rugged beauty of the Somerset coast serves as a picturesque canvas for the world of Sanditon, allowing you to step directly into Austen’s vision.

Historical Inspiration

Your interest in the picturesque backdrops of Sanditon is quite justifiable, given the show’s blend of fictional narrative and authentic surroundings.

Sanditon, as a television series, transforms the essence of Jane Austen’s final, incomplete novel into a lush visual spectacle, but have you ever wondered about the real locations that sparked the creative vision?

Originally, Austen might have drawn her inspiration from the coastal town of Worthing, where she spent time in 1805.

Much like the fictional Sanditon, Worthing underwent a transformation into a bustling resort during the Victorian era.

The depiction of the town’s attempt to reinvent itself from a simple fishing village to a seaside resort could be mirroring Worthing’s historical evolution.

The series, however, brings this Regency-era story to life against the backdrop of various historic locations throughout the United Kingdom.

While not filmed in Worthing, the ethos of a town in transition is cleverly captured.

  • Clevedon: This small town overlooking the Bristol Channel shares a parallel history of growth into a resort, much like Austen’s Sanditon.
  • Dyrham Park: The 17th-century mansion and garden, situated east of Bristol, showcases an architecture and aesthetic that contribute to the story’s period setting.

Each of these sites contributes to the historical undercurrents of Sanditon, providing you an immersive experience that marries fiction with the very real progression of English seaside towns in the 19th century.

Set Design

Your visual journey through Sanditon, a period drama inspired by Jane Austen’s final, unfinished novel, is greatly shaped by its meticulous set design.

James North, the production designer, and his team crafted a compelling backdrop that breathes life into the Regency-era storyline.

Key Set Pieces:

  • Sanditon House: As the residence of Lady Denham, its grand façade features prominently, captured at the historical Dyrham Park.
    • The interiors, just as lavish, were shot within Badminton House, renowned for its authentic Georgian style.
  • Community Spaces: To create the bustling town centers, the team filmed in the picturesque small town of Clevedon.
    • There, real 19th-century architecture intertwines seamlessly with the show’s narrative, highlighting the team’s commitment to aesthetic faithfulness.

For period accuracy, furniture and artworks were chosen or crafted to fit the specific timeline of the series.

Each piece in the rooms you see has been selected to capture the socioeconomic status and personality of its owner.

This attention to detail ensures you, the viewer, are transported back in time with every episode.

When scenes required controlled environments, production shifted to Bottle Yard Studios in Bristol where set designers recreated interiors with the same dedication to historical authenticity.

Whether it’s the opulent homes or the humble seafront stalls, the set design of Sanditon offers an immersive dip into the past, complemented by the pristine beauty of the English countryside and historic estates.

Adaptation Background

Sanditon is a television adaptation inspired by Jane Austen’s unfinished novel of the same name.

Austen began working on Sanditon in the months before her death in 1817, leaving behind just 11 chapters without a clear ending.

Sanditon takes you back to the Regency era, introducing you to the world of seaside resorts that were becoming popular at that time.

The narrative revolves around the spirited and unconventional Charlotte Heywood, her experiences in the eponymous town, and its eclectic inhabitants.

The adaptation, while based on Austen’s original work, has expanded beyond her initial pages.

Screenwriter Andrew Davies, known for his work on other literary adaptations such as Pride and Prejudice (1995), has filled the gaps to create a full story.

The key aspect of this adaptation is its mix of Austen’s known characters with new ones, along with compelling plot developments that keep you engaged.

Given that Austen’s original manuscript had substantial open ends, the creation of the televised Sanditon allowed for creative liberties.

This gave the producers and scriptwriters room to explore various thematic elements while staying true to the essence of Austen’s literary style.

Your understanding of Austen’s world is enriched by these new layers, all while navigating the uncharted territories of the story she could have told.

Tourism and Reception

Your interest in the television series Sanditon may inspire a sense of adventure and curiosity about the show’s filming locations.

This fascination often translates into tourism for the featured destinations.

The picturesque settings of Sanditon are not just backdrops; they become characters in their own right and contribute greatly to the show’s charm.

Visiting these real-life locales, including the stunning beaches and historic estates, allows you to step directly into your favorite scenes from the show.

Your experience is enriched with the history and culture unique to each site.

Here’s a simple guide to some key locations that may capture your interest:

  • Clevedon: Overlooking the Bristol Channel, this town embodies the very essence of Sanditon‘s coastal elegance.
    • Your stroll along the Clevedon Pier could mirror scenes from the series.
  • Dyrham Park: The grand exteriors of Sanditon House might entice you to explore this 17th-century country estate’s own story.
  • Bottle Yard Studios: While typically closed to the public, knowing that the intricate interior sets are housed here adds to the magic behind Sanditon‘s creation.

The show has garnered fans and, in turn, those fans have become tourists, bringing attention and revenue to these chiefly British locales.

Your visit supports local economies and celebrates the art of filmmaking — a win-win for both Sanditon enthusiasts and the communities.

Just remember to be respectful of these historic sites, ensuring they can be enjoyed for generations of Sanditon fans to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Brean Beach: You can recognize Brean Beach in Sanditon for its beautiful dunes featured in resort-like scenes.
  • Historic Estates: Sanditon House’s exterior shots were filmed at Dyrham Park, a 17th-century estate. Meanwhile, the interiors took life at Badminton House.
  • Bristol Locations: Bristol’s own Bottle Yard Studios served as a key venue where many of Sanditon’s interior scenes were created.
  • Clevedon: The charming town of Clevedon portrays Sanditon on screen. Its Victorian presence echoes the expansion seen in the series.

Here’s how you can picture it:

LocationDescriptionUse in Sanditon
Brean BeachSweeping shots with sand dunes.Resort scenes, beach sequences.
Dyrham Park17th-century country estate.Exterior of Sanditon House.
Badminton HouseHistorical interiors.Interior scenes of Sanditon House and other grand homes.
Bottle Yard StudiosFilming studio in Bristol.Stand-in for various indoor locations.
ClevedonSmall town overlooking Bristol Channel.Main setting portraying Sanditon.