What will Season 8 bring for Dexter? | TQS Magazine

In the season 7 finale episode there was a lot to consider. Captain LaGuerta is dead. Shot dead by Deb. Shot dead to cover for Dexter’s lethal addiction to murder. But will they get away with it?

Dexter is used to hiding his hunger. As a forensic expert, he has shown in seven seasons just how good he is at concealing his kills. And don’t forget Dexter is normally the first person on the scene, collecting the evidence so there’s a fair chance that any evidence pertaining to him will mysteriously go “missing”. Will people start believing that maybe LaGuerta was right, though, after finding her murdered?

As good at distracting everybody and moving attention away from himself than anyone else I know, I have no concern for Dexter being found out. This step away from his Code for killing is something he will need to ensure does not become regular habit. Without any compassion for LaGuerta, it is Debra he will need to be worried about in this eighth season. Deb sticks to the book every time so he needs to stick by her, make sure she doesn’t flip out, give herself up and give him away.

This season will surely see a return to Dexter’s origins, possibly in more detail than the sharp and discontinuous flashbacks from previous seasons. From online sources it seems like we might see a return of Hannah McKay, too; according to her, his “true love”. Her return could deliver a new storyline which could be genuinely interesting and scary – whether she goes after Deb, tries to reconcile with Dexter or they unite to take on a new, more dangerous foe, only time will tell.

The only thing to remember is that cops don’t ordinarily stop pursuing serial killers so I am sure we will see somebody step into LaGuerta’s shoes, possibly a more intensive, committed, fixated detective than her. This could even be the season where we see Dexter in cuffs.

Interestingly enough, TV Line has been provided a scoop on two new characters being introduced to the franchise:

First up is Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a formidable and whip smart neuro-psychiatrist in her late 50s who assists the law in profiling criminals.

The show is also on the hunt for a 40ish actor to play Jacob Elroy, a handsome and straightforward former cop who now owns his own private eye business.

Could Dr Vogel be LaGuerta’s replacement and will she bring Dexter’s downfall? And, who is employing Elroy as a PI? The prime person to employ him at this stage would be LaGuerta’s former husband, Angel Batista.

Is Dexter going to be forced to face justice? Could we see Deb disappear from guilt or something more malevolent? Will we see Dexter’s “true love”, Hannah, return and will she be an enemy or a reluctant accomplice? We will all have to wait and see on June 30, 2013 on Showtime or July 7 on FOX in the UK.

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