Lotto from the National Lottery is getting a bit of a revamp | TQS Magazine

I often find myself, during a dull minute at work, dreaming of all the more exciting things I could be doing at that time. Swimming with dolphins, getting a massage, running my own business or chilling on a beach in Thailand, all sound a lot better than my desk. I don’t think this is uncommon – who hasn’t at some point fantasised about what they would do if they were rich? Just a little bit of spare cash can really change your life.

What I need, ideally, is a tidy £20K tucked down the back of the sofa to let me do some of these things. Which, handily, is what the The National Lottery will be offering in its regular Lotto draw from this October. See, Lotto from The National Lottery is getting a bit of a revamp. For just £2 a line, you’ll have the chance to win higher jackpots (a sweet £5 million in the Saturday draw and £2.5 million on Wednesdays). On top of this at least 50 lucky winners will get £20K in each draw thanks to a new raffle on your ticket. Even at the lower end of the scale things are hotting up – players with three numbers will take away a tidy £25 instead of what used to be a tenner.

Not bad right? And, what’s more there are no changes in how to play – you still pick your 6 numbers or a lucky dip, so it’s still dead simple. The same game but bigger prizes. What’s not to love?

What would you do with your win?

This is a Sponsored Post by Camelot/ The National Lottery