Video: The Prodigy Live at O2 Academy Brixton | TQS Magazine

Sometimes you return from a gig and the next morning you want to rave to your friends about it, only to put on a grainy YouTube video of it the next day to see some lukewarm band playing to a bored crowd. It seemed so much better on the night… (epileptics beware)

This clip of the Prodigy at the o2 academy in Brixton is absolutely electric. There is no other word for it, and no clever metaphors are going to explain the band better than that video. The atmosphere in the smallish venue is incredible -I can’t believe Keith and Maxim didn’t distract the musicians from the things as trivial as actually playing their instruments. And the audience are beyond loving it, just like you would expect. The band say that they are going to settle down and write this year – the gig was something of a send-off – but I don’t have the imagination to see them sitting around ‘writing’ after a this event. They aren’t normal; nights like those change people and these guys have been going at it for years. They definitely pass the ‘morning after’ test: people are going to remember this for a long time. Oh and Keith – good luck with the DIY facial surgery By Christopher Boyd