TV blog | TQS Magazine – Part 5

Poor Edith. Or should that be lucky escape? Either way, being jilted enabled the arresting shot of the veil tumbling down the staircase, which made her heartache almost worthwhile.

Usually the first to tear apart a Doctor who with lacklustre writing and mediocre plot, on Saturday it all passed me by as we geared up to say goodnight to the Ponds.

From bookcases to bins, our 7 favourite TARDIS inspired creations.

This week we saw a conventional hour of old-fashioned Downton – stresses over evening dress, Thomas fighting with anyone he can find and a heart-wrenching storyline for Mrs Hughes.

The Doctor wears a fez well, but he rocks a stetson. And that was reason enough to film A Town Called Mercy, even if the story was thin on the ground.

Downton’s back, and with a novel viewing experience for yours truly – I didn’t cry! I’m sure my loyal readers are probably thinking I’ve grown into a callous crone in the past year, but I beg to differ – the episode was as touching as ever, it was simply so joyous and entertaining that even Matthew and Mary’s wedding made me warm and fuzzy rather than cold and teary.

As mentioned last week, we were pretty excited about episode 2 for the sheer silliness of the title. And the episode itself was, well, sheer silliness. Which was great.

The Doctor is back and series 7’s opener played quite an intriguing extension of a foe that’s lost a lot of its bite: an asylum full of the creatures that not even the regular Dalek’s like.

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Dr.Who reveal 7 cinematic episode posters ahead of the airing of the first episode, Asylum of the Daleks on Saturday 1st September at 7.20pm on BBC1.