Transamerica | TQS Magazine

Transamerica is a 2005 queer film about a preoperative male to female transexual. Early in the film Bree learns she has a son, Toby, who has been arrested for hustling. The film tells the story of Bree and Toby’s trip trip across America and ulitmately, their trip to self-discovery and acceptance of eachother.

The film has very touching moments such as when Bree visits her family and Toby meets his stepfather but the film is ultimately uplifting. The casting of the film is brilliant with Felicity, all puns aside, Huffman giving a very convincing and moving performance, thoroughly deserving her Oscar nomination and Golden Globe win.

The film’s soundtrack also deserves recognition, classc American country and western which perfectly captures the setting and mood, I particularly like Dolly Parton’s Travelling Through.