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The BBC have released an iPlayer performance report for Q1 of 2012 providing information on: demographcis, viewing times and sources but here at TQS we only really care about one thing; what are the top 10 programmes on the BBC iPlayer in 2012 so far? Will The Voice hit the top of the pops? Or will The Apprentice get the top job? Here are the top 10 programmes in 2012 (Jan-Apr 2012, number stated is total requests to stream)

10. The Voice UK Blind Auditions 4 Episode 4 1,442,000

9.  The Apprentice Series 8 Episode 1 1,451,000

8. The Voice UK Battles 1 Episode 5 1,470,000

7. The Voice UK Blind Auditions 1 Episode 1 1,578,000

6.  Top Gear Series 18 Episode 3 1,637,000

5.  Top Gear Series 18 Episode 4 1,658,000

4. Sherlock Series 2  Episode 2 1,689,000

3. Top Gear Series 18 Episode 2 1,821,000

2. Sherlock Series 2 Episode 3 1,913,000

1. Sherlock Series 2  Episode 1 2,528,000

So there we have it, Steven Moffat’s adaptation of the classic stories of Sherlock Holmes take the top spot (as well as 3 of the top 4 slots.) It’s interesting to see that only 5 programmes dominate the top 10, it’s also surprising just how popular Top Gear remains. For a series in its 18th run it really is impressive to still acheive such figure. Some other programmes that didn’t make the top 10 but acheived impressive viewing figures on the iPlayer:

  • Waterloo Road notched up 3,1114,000 views over 4 episodes in April 2012
  • Tracy Beaker Returns hit 2,728,000 views over 4 episodes in March 2012

Some other interesting information from the report:

  • BBC iPlayer has seen a very strong and stable performance throughout the beginning of 2012. Total requests between January and April have averaged around 190 million per month – with over 140 million for TV and around 46 million for Radio programmes – up +24% on the same period last year.
  • Mobile and tablet devices delivered a significant increase in requests – up +94% on April 2011 – with 15% of total programme requests coming from mobiles and tablets in April 2012.
  • Apple announced the BBC iPlayer app for iPads is the top free app of all time in the UK.
  • Demand from Internet connected devices such as Smart TVs, games consoles and blu-ray players continued to grow, with 11% of all requests in April 2012 – up +57% on April 2011.

Download the the pdf yourself to see the full report.

By Jamie McHale