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This weekin pop culture: A flash-mob style fashion show exhibited Stella McCartney’s latest collection as guests tucked into haute cuisine, Ricky Gervais hit out at religious parents who commit ‘child abuse’ through their hostile attitudes towards homosexuality and Paolo Nutini is in talks to write the original score for a stage biopic of John Lennon’s early life.

Stella McCartney Spectacular Steals the Show at London Fashion Week

Fashion designer Stella McCartney had London Fashion Week critics buzzing after a flash-mob fashion show event last night. The soiree -which was billed as a formal dinner for guests such as Rihanna, Kate Moss and Kanye West- revealed some of the designer’s main Autumn/Winter 2012 collection through a surprise, magic-themed spectacle.

The Telegraph reports that the secret show took place in a deconsecrated church in London’s Mayfair. Celebrity guests and the fashion elite were treated to a black tie dinner, accompanied by jazz music from Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Orchestra. As the guests tucked into several courses, Dutch magician Hans Klok performed magic tricks with his assistant, newly appointed British Fashion Council Ambassador Alexa Chung. It was at the climax of a trick involving McCartney that models such as Yasmin Le Bon and Amber Valetta launched themselves onto dinner tables and dining chairs in a surprise dance performance choreographed by Spanish choreographer Blanca Li. The models- who were strategically placed on various tables around the hall- were dressed in items from McCartney’s main collection, the rest of which will be exhibited at Paris Fashion Week. The designs included voluminous marbled dresses, swirling silk, svelte suits and cobalt blue lace gowns. McCartney told The Guardian:

“I wanted to do something special to celebrate being back in London. I love magic, and that was pretty magic”.

Be still my Absolutely Fabulous-loving heart. For anyone, whether fashionista or high street shopper, this was a truly awe-inspiring event that I couldn’t resist writing about. As well as being uber-trendy and glamorous, McCartney seems to see a tongue-in-cheek, playful element in her work. She has mastered the art of creating a performance incorporating various mediums- fashion design, music, dance, gastronomy, and even magic. Even for those of you who see fashion more practically than the more eccentric designers, now we have proof that a Stella McCartney designs won’t fall apart when you’re doing your drunken Beyoncé performance on a table at the office party.

Ricky Gervais Accuses Homophobic Parents of ‘Child Abuse’

Comedian Ricky Gervais labelled homophobic attitudes in parenting as ‘child abuse’ while being interviewed for CNN’s Piers Morgan show on Friday night. As reported by Digital Spy, the 50-year-old star of The Office said:

“It’s when I see some of these religious fundamentalists saying that they’ve told their five-year-old children that if they turn out gay, they will burn in hell. That to me is child abuse. That’s nothing to do with religion or spirituality. That’s child abuse.”

Gervais, who faced criticism for his controversial humour when presenting the 2011 Golden Globe awards, assured viewers of the US show that he respects religion despite being an atheist. He told Piers Morgan:

“I’ve got nothing against people believing in God at all. In fact, if it did make you a kinder person, if you only did good things in his name, then great. But there’s the rub.”

Whether you’re a fan of Gervais or you find him irritating, his views seem quite well-balanced here. He is clearly not criticising religion, he is criticising those who misconstrue it. Whilst most of us cower at his use of the term ‘child abuse’, if we take it in its most rudimentary form- i.e. damaging a child- then Gervais is correct. Of course telling a young child that their sexuality can determine whether they are a good or an evil person is more than enough to cause psychological damage. This damage would even be caused to an adult if they were given the same message when seeking religious guidance.

We can heave a collective sigh of relief that Gervais managed to hold back on the comments about famous, allegedly gay Scientologists this time.

Paolo Nutini in Talks for John Lennon Stage Biopic

Scottish singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini has been approached to pen the music and lyrics for an upcoming stage biopic of John Lennon’s childhood and early music influences. According to The Mail, the stage project, Nowhere Boy, is an adaptation of Sam Taylor-Wood’s film of the same name. The film was based on the autobiography of Julia Baird, Lennon’s half-sister, which revealed the story of his childhood and family life in Liverpool. It details Lennon’s friendship with Paul McCartney which resulted in the formation of The Quarrymen, who later reformed as The Beatles.

Nutini is reported to have been approached to create an original score for the production which is being produced by Sally Greene, who was also at the helm of Billy Elliott: The Musical.

As much as this is exciting news for both theatre and music lovers, we have a long wait. It is reported that Nowhere Boy will not be reaching the stage until next year, if not 2014. However, involving a young, successful songwriter such as Nutini will undoubtedly invigorate the biopic about a man who demonstrated unrivalled musical talent from a young age. Nutini seems ideal, particularly as his musical talent emerged from humble, family roots- just like Lennon’s. Watch this space for a future West End hit.

Until then, we have the spectacle of McCartney’s show to admire:

Words by @j_fishman