Hit and Miss Episode 2 Review | TQS Magazine

The second episode of Sky Atlantic’s new show Hit and Miss picked up momentum after a slow first week, which, to be honest, was a relief.  With scene-setting finally finished we began to see stories intertwine and relationships develop, gently warming the cockles of my heart against the titillating backdrop of Mia’s wardrobe.

You wouldn’t think the talking point, from a series where a transsexual assassin helps an ex-flame’s children through the loss of their mother to cancer, would be the main character’s clothes.  It’s probably because I’m shallow and repressed and can’t bring myself to face up to the myriad of social and psychological issues offered up by this drama. So, in a classic avoidance move, I’m going to talk about couture – boy does  she have some pretty garments.  My personal favourite was the sunshine yellow jacket, though the floaty dress / Cuban heel boots combo, which I think might be a staple look through the series, is also pretty awesome.

Great stuff.  Now back to the plot.

It still feels to me like there’s a few too many strands to really progress very far in one episode, though this week was undeniably stronger at developing characters and their bonds with each other.  As Mia became more heavily involved in the family’s life, we saw the strain it put on them as they struggled to accept her as well as her difficulties accepting herself.  Challenging scenes exploring Mia’s identity were well balanced with poignant moments as her son Ryan begins a journey of self-discovery.  The real success here is that Ryan’s story, right on the edge of what is commonly socially acceptable, are played out so well that they induce humour while skilfully avoiding seediness.

Mia’s boss also becomes more prominent this week as he tries to help keep her and her family out of poverty.  What’s interesting is that though the morality of how she earns her living has yet to be challenged, his presence in her family unit provides a disturbing undercurrent.  On the surface his fatherly role is kindly and generous, but as we see his reaction to Mia in the company of a potential beau, we begin to question their relationship and his motivations.

The bully of the drama (sorry, not got a clue on names yet and IMDB really isn’t helping me out) is probably the most two dimensional of all the characters, but then I suppose not everyone needs to have a confused psyche.  He’s simply a baddie, he’s horrible, threatening and sleazy, and I don’t like him. Enough said.

All in all I’m pretty pleased that I clung on for another episode, but Hit and Miss needs to continue picking up the pace to keep me watching.

Hit and Miss airs on Sky Atlantic, Tuesdays at 10pm