The Legend of Hercules | TQS Magazine

Imagine for a second, that 300 and Gladiator had a baby, and then that baby grew up into a really good looking bloke that then went out with….a really really mad action film about Ancient Greece…okay bad analogy BUT, this trailer for The Legend of Hercules from Lionsgate looks, for want of a better phrase, particularly epic. Kellan Lutz, man, machine, and all-round  dreamboat, stars as the eponymous Hercules, in this brand new imagining that shows the origins of Greece’s Strongest Man.

Poor Herc has some pretty dire issues with his stepfather, who does one better than merely barging in like he owns the place, namely actually exiling him and selling him into slavery because of a forbidden love (sorry to hear that big guy). This feels like something of an overreaction from step pops, but as a result we’re treated to what can only be described as an insane round of action, fighting, death-matches and amazing effects.

The trailer puts a bit of crunchy dubstep to excellent use – boulders on chains never looked so fun. Go on. Have a watch and tell me you don’t want to try and harness electricity to bring down coliseums. We’re not in Rome are we? Whatever. Hercules’ odyssey for peace looks anything but peaceful, and the date-nailing combo of mind-boggling action and heart-fluttering chaps mean everyone’s  a winner. We’re sold, so get back to your right hand swiping, because you can catch it in cinemas on the 28th March.

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