The IMDB Top 250 Movie Map | TQS Magazine

In a similar vein as our map of British film bloggers,Travelex thought it would be cool to break down the IMDB Top 250 Movies onto a map listing all the filming locations of these famous films. And they were right, it is pretty cool.

Yes, many movies in the UK are filmed in London. The majority, even. But that’s not to say all movies are shot in London. Check out this interactive movie map to see which of IMDB’s top 250 might have been filmed near you. Braveheart, Trainspotting, The Dark Knight, and The King’s Speech are all major films that were shot in the UK, outside of London (and in some case, far outside of London). Many of your favorite movies might have been filmed much closer to you than you would think.

(via Travelex Currency Exchange).

By Jamie McHale