Ted Baker Lines | TQS Magazine

Ah, school. Where we learnt useless things like the history of Mount Vesuvius or how to recall the wives of Henry the Eighth from memory, and life skills such as how to run away from boys bigger than you who want to beat you up, or how to get round an Internet firewall. Good stuff. It wasn’t a place for fashion, unfortunately, unless you count the leopard print shoelaces we insisted on having for two years.  But that’s all about to change with Ted Baker’s Lines project – an interactive and social campaign that’s encouraging you to write a set line about etiquette and fashion, photographing and sharing it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. There are prizes up for grabs, with those crowned ‘top of the class’ given the chance to win a bevvy of swag, including limited edition totes and merchandise every day.

Lines so far have included ‘I never seek attention, I let it seek me’, ‘I am the exception, never the rule’ and ‘I will always put the ‘fine’ into ‘refined”. Stylish, cool, and a little too self aware, it couldn’t be more perfect for Ted. The best entries will be displayed on the site and Facebook page with spot prizes given each day for stylish, inventive or funny ways to write the line. Once 500 lines have been written, everyone who entered correctly and in time get an exclusive limited edition Ted Baker tote bag and the most creative entry each day wins a personalised Ted Baker leather satchel. Ted will unveil a new line everyday next week with a different tote bag design each day.

Check out the hashtag #TedBakerLines on Twitter to get involved. For more details, check out the site, Twitter or Facebook, and join us in writing our lines before the competition closes tomorrow.