Tango's Intense New Advert | TQS Magazine

Sometimes people get intense. Some people get intense about sport, some people get intense about their jobs and some people get intense about their relationships and like to include the rest of us in that intensity by talking about them all the time. Yay! But none of that intensity can quite match the intensity shown in this latest TV spot for Tango, which is really quite intense. The ad shows a fairly un-intense man going into an un-intense looking shop to buy a can of tango, which in itself is a fairly innocuous task. As in it’s not that intense. Not, that is, until he OPENS THE CAN OF TANGO. Then shit starts to get serious. You can see the ad for yourself right here.

This limits the need for it to be described to you and instead creates the chance to write about…

Things That Are Less Intense Than This Tango Ad.

Formula One. Spoken about like it’s the most intense sport available, cos cars go fast ‘n that, but when has an F1 driver ever ripped off his shirt and turned into a hulk? Never. No-one in the Tango corner shop is controlled by team orders either, which is a bonus. LESS INTENSE.

Space travel. Well done, you’re in the sky. That’s pretty cool and well done for not falling out of the sky as soon as you get up there, but really you’re not actually doing anything, are you? Don’t you just press a button and take off, and then you land, Tweet a picture and come back? Isn’t that all astronauts do? LESS INTENSE.

Bella Swan’s love for Edward Cullen. Alright, admittedly this one is pretty hard to top. Like, they properly dig each other. They want to be on each other all the time to the extent that one is now technically DEAD just so they can always be together. But ultimately that’s only a story, something made up, a fantasy. This Tango ad is completely real! It’s more of a documentary rea… oh wait, what’s that? Oh no, apparently it’s not real. Never mind. LESS INTENSE.

Truly intense work, Tango.