Sponsored video: Walkers Ridged Crips | TQS Magazine

These days it must be quite hard to come up with, and market, a new crisp. I mean there are crisps made of potato, reconstituted potato, wheat, rice.  Crisps that are flat, ridged or tubed. Crisps that are au natural, circular, square. Personally, I don’t think you can beat a regular packet of Walker’s Salt & Vinegar, but they seem to disagree. So, their latest offering is … the Deep Ridged.

Well, it’s not a million miles from a good ridged crisp, just taken to another level I suppose. Kudos to Walkers, not so much for finding a gap in the market, but rather for making a gap that they can fill. However, regardless of what I think about the product, I really want to try one, and all because of how Walkers have got the Deep Ridged on my radar.

The MASSIVE 70ft climbing wall in the middle of London shaped like one of their new crisps.  Check out how they did it:

The thing that gets me about the promo is that, not only is the wall very, very impressive, but that so many people made it to the top! Undoubtedly, the view must be phenomenal, and the sense of achievement pretty huge, but there’s no way you’d get me that high with just a rope to hold me. But then I’m not that adventurous. Still, Walkers seem so have found a whole host of people up to the challenge, a fair number of them celebrities. Probably my favourite spot, after the lovely Greg Rutherford, was Made in Chelsea’s heartbreaker Louise (you’re getting quite a picture of my sedate life here).

And it doesn’t all end with the climbing wall.  If thrill-seeking floats your boat then go to Walkers’ website, Facebook page or twitter for a chance to win one of ten epic adventures.

Sponsored by Walkers. Unfortunately in money, not in crisps.