Album review: Incorruptible Heart by Lavender Diamond | TQS Magazine

The second album from LA based Lavender Diamond is labelled by the band as “a record made for everyone, more songs in the cosmic key of love” which pretty much sums up this band, it’s soulful without being melodramatic and whimsical without being smug about it. Lavender Diamond have an impressive sound with front-woman Becky Stark’s voice a soulful reminder that when it comes to singer-songwriters, women are running  rings around their male counterparts.

The band was originally just two members doing a puppet show until two more were added. They released their first album to some excellent reviews , but it is usually the second album that really gives you a full insight into a band’s true voice and with Incorruptible Heart , Lavender Diamond are onto a winner.

Everybody’s Heart Is Breaking Now (below) is a straight to the point example of the overall feel of the album, soulful, intriguing and beautiful. The instrumental procedure behind the lyrics is unlike anything i’ve heard for sometime, it has a almost late 70s early 80s feel to it and it works wonders with Stark’s voice. One of the better things about Incorruptible Heart is the different sounds that it creates, I Don’t Recall is probably the strongest track off of the album not just because it’s lyrically striking but the sound really triggers something in you and makes you pay attention. The change of direction is most apparent in Light My Way with an almost dance music vibe to it but similar kudos has to be paid to the anthem that concludes the album All The Stars.

Lavender Diamond are going to be a band to watch out for as they now have two very pleasing albums under their belts and with a bit of time could easily go on and do something very special.


Incorruptible Heart is available now on Rough Trade Records

Review by Matthew Foran