Saatchi Online | TQS Magazine

It’s been nearly a year since TQS took the leap and moved its headquarters down to London. In that time we’ve done lots of jolly things but sadly neglected to decorate the office (ahem, living room). All we’ve managed, on a joyful day just before Easter, is to have hung a up an antique map of the world on one of the walls. And when I say an antique map, I mean a piece of £2 wrapping paper made to look like an antique map, though we did at least put it in a frame. We didn’t even buy it in London.

There is a point to these musings – stick around for a few lines longer and all will become clear. Since our barren walls got their first piece of bling we’ve been on a mission to find the wrapping paper some chums. Let’s be realistic, this is the capital so it’s not hard to find shops selling pictures. A triumph, though, has been finding Saatchi Online – it’s how art paintings ought to be.

Saatchi Online is part of the Saatchi Gallery (really, I wasn’t expecting that). It’s a space where artists can upload their work to sell, and, more importantly for us, we can browse and buy paintings from contemporary artists. Admittedly, it’s a tad pricier than our £2 map, but for an original piece of art it’s surprisingly affordable. There are artworks up there for as little as $100. And, not only that, if it’s not payday then there are prints up there which are cheaper than you might find on Etsy or Brick Lane. Sorry my lovely antique map, it looks like your time to shine is up.