Preview: One Love Wedding Show | TQS Magazine

If, like us, you’ve been following the gay marriage debate as closely as you do the X Factor (that’s some rigiourous, intense involvement, you know), you’ll have been thrilled to have seen the bill pass through the Lords and attain it’s royal ascent earlier this month here in the UK. LOVELY. Pass the champers, Lulu, this round’s on us. Brings a tear to your eye, really, especially after watching the campaigners do their thing tirelessly for all of us of the LGBT pursuasion, granting us the same rights as our straight counterparts.

There’s no denying – us gays like a do. Every since we were little, we’ve been planning our wedding – and wedding fairs are becoming something of a speciality. Making the rounds with many a hag, sampling the garb, the invites, and the free cake, has become something of a weekend staple. If negotiating wedding fairs was an Olympic sport, we’d take home gold. From strategically planning the route round, the shows and the 6 and a half minute loo breaks, we know how to work a wedding fair.

And now we’ve got the Queen’s thumbs up, it’s our turn to take centre stage. Enter the One Love Wedding Show – a unique, Gay & Lesbian wedding show taking place in October, featuring 70 expressive, fun and high quality suppliers who love trends, design and fashion as much as they support same sex marriage. Friendly, open, creative, cool and a finger on the pulse – that is the type of exhibitor you will find at The Hospital Club in London’s Covent Garden between 19 and 20 October 2013. And with some of fave bloggers, Rock & Roll Bride and So So Gay giving it their stamp of approval, it’s going to be a good ‘un. Now to just find a husband…

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