Northern Threads | TQS Magazine

You may or may not know that TQS has northern roots – we began up in Leeds many moons ago, under a different name. We’ve still a strong bond with the North despite our main base now being London, and as such, when the opportunity comes to promote a fellow Northerner, we’re usually down for that.

And when the fellow Northerner is as ace as independent men’s fashion store Northern Threads, it makes our job even easier. This year we’ve thrown a spotlight on independent, start-up menswear projects in our Fashion Finds feature, and our passion for supporting British guys who know fashion extends to these folks too.

Started by a couple of mates with a background in designer retail, Northern Threads opened their store in South Shields back in 2006. They’ve now expanded to a well curated and and satoritally thorough online site – which is pretty impressive considering the fact they’re managed all that through the current economy, so props to them.

The store boasts some big names too, including Westwood, Armani and Hilfiger, along with go-to streetwear brands Fred Perry, Superdry, Lacoste and Gi-Goi, and some fashion finds of their own, with new brands you might not have heard of. Our favourite? Y-O. We also love their ‘Shop by Look’ section – which is a great starting point if you’re searching for inspiration or new to the whole ‘creating an outfit’ thing. It all adds to the feeling of a collection of apparel that’s got some thought behind it – Northern Threads knows their customer, and knows how to help them dress the way they want to.

And if you’re a bargain hunter, make sure you sign up to their e-mail newsletter, which sends offers and promotions direct to your inbox, coaxing the old credit card to come out and play. They’ve currently got some great promotions, including a small sale and 10% off your first order, plus free delivery in the UK. Brilliant.

You can also find Northern Threads on Facebook and Twitter.