No/Gloss Film Festival Leeds | TQS Magazine

As a city, Leeds loves film. From the International Film Festival to Minicine Community Cinema, West Yorkshire celebrates the cinematic arts as much as it does pale ale and pork pies; making the perfect backdrop for a new, thought-provoking DIY film festival arriving this year.

No Gloss film festival is exactly what it says on the tin, a not for profit, no budget festival designed to celebrate local talent and unconventional film making. Giving a platform for film-makers who may otherwise struggle to showcase their work in larger events, the admission guidelines allow for all genres, budgets and backgrounds.


The festival is set to be a day celebrating art without constraints, promoting and presenting raw talent and thought-provoking, inspiring film.

Submissions are now open if you would like to showcase some of your work, or if for you film is more of a spectators sport, you can join the mailing list to stay up to date with venue and ticket information.