Men's Fashion Finds #6: Honour Over Glory | TQS Magazine

Fashion can do many things, and one of our favourite things that is does is allows us to take on a different personality. Like this week’s find in our men’s fashion blog: Honour Over Glory. Apparently not so much a hidden gem if their whopping 20,000 fans are too be believed, but they’re new to us. Aloha, HOG. It’s brands like HOG, with their strong visual, that allow you to experiment with a new persona – even if it’s just for the night.

An interesting mix of street with an alternative jock aesthetic (yup, we just made up a new fashion genre. And what?) in its design, HOG reminds us those cool parts of urban life – it’s the type of clothes we imagine seeing at an obscure (but wholly unpretentious) clubnight in a Mancunian art gallery that’s just a bit too far away from the tram stop to be convenient, or a bonfire on a surfer beach on a warm summer night.

And you know we’re suckers for a decent graphic design – Honour Over Glory clothing offers a selective, but oh so desirable range of these. Achingly cool vests complement incredibly comfy looking jumpers, all in soft shades of blue, grey and green, boasting confident prints which take nautical and military inspiration.

As well as a stellar range of men’s fashion choices, HOG also has some great picks for women, including cut off shirts and oversized jumpers. If we were inclined that way, we’d be well tempted for a set of his and hers.

The best thing about Honour Over Glory we reckon is the price – it’s ridiculously affordable, whilst remaining high quality – a mix that’s becoming increasingly rare on the old high street these days. So, if you’re wanting to step into the summer in some threads that’ll make you feel fly enough to get away with using the words ‘threads’ and ‘fly’, then there’s just one place you need to go: Honour Over Glory. Go HOG or go home, kids.

Martin Carter