Introducing: Apache Tears | TQS Magazine

APACHE TEARS (the band, not the volcanic crystals) appear to let their music do the talking. Having introduced themselves to the world during September 2012 via their website we can only glean that they hail from West Yorkshire and perform high octane, melody driven rock tracks. Their first 3-track offering was recorded in Elbow’s Manchester Blueprint Studio (Produced by Fred Kindt – Cherry Ghost and Phantom Band), and is an accomplished affair fusing big guitars with big drums and even bigger melodies. They appear to be picking up a dedicated following online already and not surprisingly as their expansive sound is full of energy and quite infectious. Lead track ‘Butter Up Your Enemy’ and the slightly more groove laden ‘Barricades’ could well be part of the festival sing along sessions next summer.

Here’s a short video of APACHE TEARS in the studio allows a brief insight into the people behind the music. The footage captures four young men enjoying their work (lots of laughing) but executing it with an intensity that suggests they mean business. Live dates are yet to be announced but on the evidence of this first offering APACHE TEARS are definitely ones to listen and look out for.

By Jamie McHale