Men's Fashion Finds #28: Drykorn | TQS Magazine

When it gets to this time of year, we’re evaluating our wardrobe. Have we got everything we need for SS? Can we start pining over AW yet or is that just a bit too forward planning? Will we have enough short shorts to last the coming months? Do we need to spend more time in the gym before it’s officially vests weather? Do we need to join a gym?

We think we’re almost there, however there’s a couple of things on our to-do list. Surprisingly, a leather t shirt is near the top of the list, although we’re blaming Jessie J on The Voice. STOP LOOKING SO GOOD IN A LEATHER T SHIRT JESS. JEEZ. We’re also after some smarter shorts in an attempt to brave a little leg in the office this year. That’s totally cool, right? It’s not like it’s the 1900s or anything, is it? A recent item to join the shopping list came thanks to FashionBeans and their recent feature on printed trousers. Who knew trousers could be so GLORIOUS? As fans of the staple skinny, the trew is perhaps the most underloved item in our arsenal. SS is the perfect time for experimenting with your lower half (ooeerr etc) as there’s more freedom to experiment with fabrics, weights and lengths.

One brand we spotted on our trouser trawl was Drykorn, who as far as we can tell, are such a good fashion find, that we can’t actually find anywhere in the UK that sells them. A Fashion Unfound, if you will. Their site, their collection and their aesthetic is all ACE. Their stockists? NON EXISITANT. Priorities, Drykorn, priorities. From the UK sites we could find covering Drykorn, it seems they are a big deal in Europe, around since 1996, with a new focus on a younger and more trend led style. We want ALL their trousers, and pretty much all the rest too.

You can pine over them on their site (isn’t that the best backdrop for a fashion site you’ve ever seen?), or check out their, erm, interesting Facebook (“Why not remarkably abstract?” is one of their more recent posts…) or tweet them.