Men's Fashion Finds #22: Duchamp London | TQS Magazine

At TQS, we like nothing more than scrolling incessantly through our Twitter stream or Facebook wall, lingering every now and again to judge someone’s outfit or to favourite the selfie of an oversharing power blogger. We see a lot of fashion brands do well, and we see a lot more do it terribly. Hell, we’ve worked with some in our Real Life Jobs that insist on doing it terribly. Which is why, perhaps, we’ve more time for brands who take the time to make their presence in the social bubble a little more worthwhile.

Duchamp London are one of those brands. Creators of simple, smart menswear, they’ve been around for a far while. By fair while, we mean 24 years. Sure, we might be a little late to the party, but we’re here now, OK? We even brought cocktail sausages, see? With its heritage in accessories, Duchamp London has grown over it’s time to encompass just about every facet of menswear, and boasts a considered range of suits, shirts, jackets and knitwear, which come in both classic and bold styles.

The thing we perhaps like the most about the brand is its ability to be unafraid of celebrating all elements of men’s style – even outside itself. We get bored very quickly of brands constantly talking about themselves or shamelessly asking us to ‘Like’ their new colour of brogue. Delve into the world of Duchamp London and you’ll find a brand genuinely taking an interest in the sphere outside itself, and an enticing stream of inspiration, discussion and showcase of great menswear, style and fashion, which is just what we want to while away the hours. Oh, and the clothes aren’t too bad either, are they?

Check out their site, Facebook and Twitter.