Men's Fashion Finds #15: Diesel YUK | TQS Magazine

In the time it’s taken us to write this piece, we’ll have checked Twitter a couple of times, watched a video someone uploaded on Facebook, skim-read the e-mail that popped up on our phone, and if we’re in a particularly procrastinating mood, scrolled through a couple of pages of Lookbook. Whoever’s idea it was to put things that you need to do work, or blog (like Word or e-mail) into the same machine that has 100’s of photos of pugs and Buzzfeed, clearly wasn’t a very productive person.

And when it comes to fashion, the internet is both a blessing, and a curse. We get a ton of inspiration from the net – whether it’s checking out our favourite men’s fashion blogs, hunting for vintage on eBay, or just fawning over ridiculously well turned out models on Tumblr. But there’s a flip side to this too – it can get exhausting seeing the same looks turned out again and again online – for the girls, it’s American Apparel disco pants or collar tips, for the guys, it’s usually a Givenchy rottweiler t-shirt or a studded loafer.

So in the world of blogger events, Google+ Hangouts with the intern at a label and more promo codes you can shake a dog earred credit card at, it’s refreshing to see a brand encouraging you to log off, sign out and step outside.

Heralded as the ‘pre-Internet shoe’, Diesel’s YUK, first launched in 1993 (the time we like to refer to as BSG – Before Spice Girls), has been re-launched this month with a 20th anniversary edition. To celebrate this launch, Diesel is asking you to go offline for three days. Imagine three days cold turkey. No Instagramming your lunch. No declining Facebook event invites from the club night you never go to. No deleting e-mails from retail chains you can’t quite be bothered to unsubscribe from. Actually, that sounds pretty blissful – and what’s more, if you manage it, there’s the chance to win some sweet prizes too.

The new shoe hasn’t diverged from the original design, and its oversized rubber sole, rubber logo, embroidered tongue label and the metal seal of authenticity. We love its 90s feel – we want to wear these with an oversized Pepsi tee, beanie and Baby G watch, down the basketball court. Or on the set of Sister Sister. Probably on the set of Sister Sister.

So we challenge you – take the Diesel challenge; log off, get your name in the hat to win something ace and get yourself outside. Might want to chuck on some sunglasses if it’s been a while.

Diesel YUK retails for £110. Find out more:,,