Mens Fashion Finds #2: Your Eyes Lie | TQS Magazine


As you’ll have probably gathered from our first Fashion Finds – we love a printed tee. We also love space – the vast, beautiful, terrifying cosmos. So imagine how we felt when we stumbled across these beauties by Your Eyes Lie?


These exquisitely printed t shirts are a hipster’s heaven – with galaxy, exploding volcanoes and snogging couple prints galore. We love the fact the print spreads across the full front of the shirt on most designs too – it gives it that little extra you don’t see in men’s fashion on the high street. We also love the price – many of them a snip at thirty quid.


And if you aren’t too fond of staring into the stars (although we can’t quite figure out who that’d be because it’s ACE), then you won’t be left out in the cold – there’s something for everyone. We particularly enjoyed the range of animal print tees, which reminds of the Christopher Kane t shirt that did the rounds a few years back. Whether it’s gorillasor owls you’re after, Your Eyes Lie have got you covered. They also somehow manage to make a kitten print look cool, without falling down the endless pit of Keith Lemon novelty that so many of their counterparts do. (Topman, we’re looking at you. Stop it. Stop IT.)


It’s not just the blokes that can get their hands on this either – there’s a wide women’s range too. (That’s a wide range of styles, not a range for wide women. Some of those dresses look tight.) Many of the prints cross over to leggings and dresses, so you and t’other half can mince into town in matching fashion bliss. Or, for the lesbians amongst our readers, you could quite easily re-create something from Sister Sister. Imagine THAT.

Still not convinced? Well squint your eyes a bit and lean in to the monitor and you’ll notice that some of the clothes are modelled by top fashion bloggers, who give their cooler than cool endorsement. We were asked but we were actually busy that day with Karl and Anna. Soz.

We’re pretty chuffed with our second fashion find, and it’s a bloody good job it’s payday tomorrow – but what do you think?

Words by Martin Carter