Film Blog | TQS Magazine – Part 8

It’s interesting to think that the new version of Wuthering Heights started out life as a Hollywood prestige picture starring Natalie Portman, and at another point in its development was meant to star Michael Fassbender – who went on to star in an adaptation of a novel by a different Brontë – and be directed by the same man who gave us Hannibal Rising. It’s interesting partly because the development of any film is fascinating, and seeing just that handful of names conjures up a variety of different possible films that might have – but now never will – exist,… Well tonight’s episode was a bit emotionally draining. Just how much can these characters deal with before they all have breakdowns? So we have the fallout from last week’s great cliffhanger. Poor Carl has a few bullet shards in his gut and Rick has never felt so useless. Even though this episode has a few convenient plot points it still manages to hit home emotionally. Again Andrew Lincoln does some fantastic work here. No one would believe that he used to be on a Channel 4 dramedy (no matter how good that show was). Rick is his character and he… Last Friday saw the return of hit zombie drama The Walking Dead and as we were treated to an extra long episode, all fears of a drop in quality were put to rest. The TV news story of the summer was the announcement that showrunner and creator Frank Darabont had left the show. So the fan base was up in arms, but rest assured his influence is still heavily felt in the first episode. So what we have here is a continuation of last season’s finale. With the city overrun, no sign of a cure and a general hopelessness washing… On the 24th July 2010 something ambitious was happening. A documentary was being crafted which would show a snapshot of people’s lives. From 192 countries people submitted videos of what they were up to that day, culminating in 4,500 hours of footage from 80,000 clips. Producer Ridley Scott, director Kevin MacDonald and film editor Joe Walker sifted through the wealth of material and managed to create something utterly fascinating. At only 94 minutes this crowdsourced documentary is a succinct exploration into human life. It’s a charming film, which (unless you have a heart of stone) will make you feel. There is something joyful whilst watching it,… Apologies for the delay on this week’s post – the frivolities of Halloween have taken their toll on my fragile head. But what of Downton, what ghouls and spectres came out to haunt the house members this week?… What with sisters Katie and Kristi scaring audiences this Halloween in Paranormal Activity 3 it’s a great chance to check out some more scary children that have graced the cinema screen. While horror icons like Freddy Krueger, Jason and Michael Myers scare people with their looks and sharp weapons, most of these kids look like they wouldn’t hurt a fly. However behind their cherub-like looks lurks a cold-hearted killer, or a demon pulling their strings…. 82 years after his initial inception in the pages of Le Petit Vingtième, Hergé’s seminal creation Tintin hits the big screen. With Steven Spielberg at the helm the boy reporter is thrust into a rip roaring adventure that is sure to satisfy anyone who loves the spectacle of cinema…. Following the open letter from charity director Mark Davyd to Simon Cowell asking that he relinquish the name Rhytmix so his charity can continue to use it that subsequently went viral, The X Factor have today revealed the girl band will now be known as Little Mix. Here are the tweets revealing the news:… Someone claiming to be the heir returns, Mrs. Bates gets her comeuppance, Mary is betrothed to a bully and oh yeah, the war is over. Read Claudia’s review of a thrilling episode of Downton Abbey….