Men's Fashion Finds #17: Our Legacy | TQS Magazine

When the new year comes around, we all, inevitably, make resolutions we’re unlikely to keep. Whether that’s to cut out the cigarettes, get fit, or travel the world. Not to trample on anyone’s dreams, but we’re for more realistic goals. And what better pledge to make in 2013 than the pledge to dress better?

Seasons in fashion always brings with them a wind of change. But that doesn’t mean you have to change your wardrobe, or fork out shedloads every six months just because Vogue said so. Men’s fashion has always evolved slower than its female counterpart, which thankfully makes our lives a little easier. Dressing well, for us, has arguably always meant dressing simply.

Creators of timeless, understated style, Swedish label Our Legacy is a brand whose focus isn’t on the whimsical passing of fads, but on the creation of clothes that form a gradual, real and long lasting contribution to a man’s fashion arsenal. A tide slowly impressing on the shore, not a wave in fleeting grandeur. And this dedication binds itself to the aesthetic of Our Legacy also – the rustic, durable and practical material, design and even palette of the outwear, denim and knit speaks of it’s mission to provide the wearer with clothes that work, and clothes that last.

Our favourites? The classic Oxford shirts, in a heavy navy cotton, the fleecy, is-this-inside-out? effect reversible sweat, and the thick, brave the cold knitted jumpers, made from Italian wool. Heaven.

In January, when we see a mass of pledges made that are perhaps doomed to fail, perhaps we need to invest in something that’s guaranteed to remain with us for the long haul.

Our Legacy is available from Mr Porter.

Words by Martin Carter