Men's Fashion Finds #13: Woolrich x PRO-Keds | TQS Magazine

It’s Fashion Finds time again, and time for our first Fashion Finds Footwear Feature. Alliteration pun not intended. We think.

As a certain pop singer used to sing: ‘I’m obsessed with America’. We’re not talking environment destroying, Coke binging, flag waving US-of-A, we’re talking that quintessential, old school, intrinsically masculine America. The wood-chopping, horse rearing, salt of the Earth blue eyed American. There’s something quite drawing about that time and that lifestyle – of hard work, simple pleasures, cinematic landscapes and a cold whiskey at the end of the day. Well, it’s what we imagine it was like anyway – the only thing we’re going on is what Pinterest showed us.

We’ve long had an obsession with one of America’s biggest fashion exports too – no, we’re not talking Calvin Klein, but the good ol’ fashioned flannel plaid. And let us tell you, dear reader – plaid is 100% not the same as check. We went to an open mic night the other week, and every single middle aged man strumming out a folk tune was in the bloody stuff. Don’t get us wrong – if we’re having an off day we’ll crack it out, but the high street’s dependency on check, particularly in the summer months, can be somewhat exacerbating.

But plaid – oh, glorious plaid – not a trend, not a fad, but simple, traditional, bread and butter fashion of the US, is brilliant, and steals our hearts. Sure, the difference may seem merely a matter of preferred vocabulary, but the way Americans wear plaid is so much more interesting, and evokes so much more for us that we’re going to hammer home the difference til we’re (red, white and) blue in the face.

It’s perhaps for this reason we were so bloody excited to see the collaboration between Woolrich, the nearly two century old purveyor of Pennsylvania-penned plaid, and PRO-Keds, like the cult basketball sneaker since the 70s. Double American fashion win. Just look at those shoes. Just look at them. The fabric comes from Woolrich, and the achingly cool design comes courtesy of PRO-Keds. We like the thick, spotlessly white soles which have a hint of creeper about them, and the specially commissioned wool that forms the main body will help your feet brave the cold this winter.

They retail at around £75 and you can pick them up at Ran, Hanon, End & Footpatrol. We’ll be wearing ours as we ride our horse off into the Texan sunset. Or just, you know, on the bus to work…

And if these don’t take your fancy, check out the new men’s collection from Royal Elastics. Royal Elastics has stayed true to their DNA forged in 1996; No time for laces – easy to slip on shoes with great style!