Men's Fashion Finds #11: Kiel James Patrick | TQS Magazine

Red alert. Red alert. This is not a drill. We have a new obsession. An accessories obsession. An all-consuming accessories obsession we can seem to shift. So whilst we indulge in (read: exploit our overdraft for) this, we’re also going to pass it on to you, in our first ever accessories focused men’s fashion finds, dedicated to Kiel James Patrick.

We’re not going to lie, fashion finders: we find accessorising tough. We’ve been through phases – the ill-advised, laser cut heavy emo teenage years, which followed the excruciatingly awkward mid-high school fumble around Topman beaded bracelets and rosary beads. As we’ve aged, we’ve come to learn, as is the case with much of great menswear – that less is more, and quality will always win out over quantity. We now spend much of our time drooling over insanely out of our league tie pins, or exquisitely crafted pocket squares, and it was during one of these happy times we stumbled across Kiel James Patrick.

Apparently not much of a new find to many across the pond according to his 20,000+ Twitter followers, but we’ve seen little of him here in the UK. His bracelets and belts seem to attract a cult following – and it’s no surprise. The distinctive, beautifully simple, anchor bracelets and nautical belts are so quintessentially, so effortlessly classic American that you can’t help instantly being transported to the shores of New England at some preppy BBQ by the lake, all wrapped up in a cosy jumper watching a Calvin Klein model skim stones.

As well as producing a piece for every single outfit you could possibly be wearing, they also create them at an affordable price, which makes them even more brilliant, don’t you think? Their Twitter account is a little… different to how you’d usually expect a brand to be, but the Facebook page is bloody beautiful. Take a look and sink into a world by the sea writing poetry and lazing around wood panelled rooms thinking about, you know, gentlemanly things. We also love that you get 10% off by sharing on social. That’s how you do it.

To see more, visit their site.