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For jazz fans, this Autumn is an exciting one; as legendary jazz trumpeter Leroy Jones, embarks on his first major solo UK tour in October 2015. Leroy will begin in London’s jazz capital Soho, then will hit the road to to theatres in the…

Nothing says summer like finishing off a weekday with a trip to the cinema, outside, with a glass of Pimms and strawberries or a pint of cider and sausage roll. Here’s our list of London’s top 5 Outdoor Cinemas this…

Ever thought about moving to the big smoke and enjoying all that the country’s capital has to offer? If you are still on the fence and unsure about whether to make the switch, maybe our top 5 reasons to move…

You know what this year could do with? A little theatre.

Move aside, ladies, this ones for the gays: the One Love Wedding Show – the wedding show for gays and lesbians. Bout time, if you ask us.

Win 2 tickets to attend Live by the Lake on Friday 30th August for a live screening of Singing in the Rain, accompanied by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Saatchi Online is a space where artists can upload their work to sell, and, more importantly for us, we can browse and buy paintings from contemporary artists.

If you’re trying to break a musicals non-believer into the world of stories told through song, Jersey Boys is the show for you.

If this weekend you are looking for a raucous, innovate and feel good night out, then this is not to be missed.