Juniper Sais Quoi? London Gin Experience at City of London Distilleries | TQS Magazine

Last week Jamie and I decided that we needed to get blind drunk on white spirits under the guise of self-improvement and education, ideally against the backdrop of one of London’s most historic streets.

So when we stumbled across Gin Experiences at the C.O.L.D we were visibly delighted.

Tucked away in a basement just off Fleet Street – City of London Distillery (or C.O.L.D. bar) is an ideal location for midweek (and that bartender assured me weekend, too) drinking.

The experience included a cocktail, a shot of speciality gin, a gin pun brainstorm, a ridiculously delicious meat and cheese platter and excellent conversation from bar staff who knew more about gin than Leslie Ash knows about bad cosmetic decisions.

Also included was enough temptation to sit at the bar for the most part of the evening ordering “the silliest gin you have!”.

This is absolutely worth going to if gin is your thing, and if it isn’t, still go and by the end of the evening, it will be.

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