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Usually the first to tear apart a Doctor who with lacklustre writing and mediocre plot, on Saturday it all passed me by as we geared up to say goodnight to the Ponds.

From bookcases to bins, our 7 favourite TARDIS inspired creations.

The Doctor wears a fez well, but he rocks a stetson. And that was reason enough to film A Town Called Mercy, even if the story was thin on the ground.

As mentioned last week, we were pretty excited about episode 2 for the sheer silliness of the title. And the episode itself was, well, sheer silliness. Which was great.

The Doctor is back and series 7’s opener played quite an intriguing extension of a foe that’s lost a lot of its bite: an asylum full of the creatures that not even the regular Dalek’s like.

Dr.Who reveal 7 cinematic episode posters ahead of the airing of the first episode, Asylum of the Daleks on Saturday 1st September at 7.20pm on BBC1.

Dr. Who returns to our screens this weekend and frankly, there aren’t any plans I wouldn’t cancel to make sure I caught it. In anticipation we thought we’d flex our foresight (and terrible photoshop ‘skills’) and make 10 predictions for the new series: