How Much Is a Perm?

Anyone interested in getting those attractive curls in their hair may ask, “How much is a perm?”. Is it cheaper to get your perm in the UK or outside the country? Perhaps, there is a standard price for getting a perm or a means for obtaining discounts. 

The average cost of getting a perm is £80 though it ranges from £40 to £250. Several factors determine the cost of getting a perm, so it’s pretty challenging to come up with an exact price. One of the significant determinants is the salon you visit. The type of perm and length of perm also play roles in the charges. 

Sometimes, finding the answer to your question ‘how much is a perm?’ may encourage or stop you from proceeding. Continue with this post to determine if getting a perm is worth your money. 

What Is a Perm?

The curls that come with permed hair are irresistible and more than enough to make you wish for one. You can also refer to perms as ‘permanent waves’. It’s a popular hairstyle among individuals known to leave their hair in curls of different patterns.

Traditionally, you can easily achieve perms on your hair using rollers, curlers, and other materials. You’ll have to follow a simple process of washing and preparing the hair before rolling up and applying the perm. With this method, you can perm all hair types irrespective of length and texture at a minimal price.

On the other hand, you’ll need a device for the chemical method of perming the hair. It is also known as digital perming, and it is riskier but faster than regular perming. Also, the digital method is likely costlier than the traditional method.

How Much Is a Perm?

Moving to the question ‘how much is a perm?’, you should be considering how much you’ll spend on it. However, you should consider the different factors determining the price before settling for one.

You’ll likely spend up to eighty pounds to get your perm done on a general level. At this point, the first factor to consider comes in – the salon which you chose. While some might charge something more affordable, others may spike prices due to their equipment.

It will be worthwhile to go to a highly-skilled stylist if you know one. It’s preferable to spend more on quality. 

Additional factors like long perms or the type of perm may increase the price as high as two hundred and fifty pounds. Hence, ensure you’re not paying for unnecessary features while perming your hair. You may spend as low as forty pounds only on perming for simpler perms.

What Are Some Cheaper Alternatives to a Perm?

If you cannot afford a standard perm, you may try other more affordable options. Make use of hair extensions instead and imitate the style of permed hair. Velcro rollers and round brushes are examples of tools that may not be good enough but will produce results.


With this post, your question ‘how much is a perm?’ now has an answer. You should get your hair permed if it works well with your budget. However, if you can’t, you can always go for alternatives to keep your hair in shape.