How Long Does Sudocrem Take to Work?

The first question many people ask when using Sudocrem for the first time is how long Sudocrem takes to work. Sudocrem treats acne and other conditions commonly on the face, including psoriasis. In terms of benefiting your face, it can reduce swelling and inflammation, especially when it comes to cystic acne. But when will Sudocrem start working?

Sudocrem, when regularly applied to the scar, reduces its visibility after six weeks. It has zinc as the main ingredient, which can benefit the skin. The zinc in Sudocrem can relieve redness and dry out persistent pimples. Leave it on your face overnight to help clear acne and scars that acne leaves behind for the best results.

How Long Does Sudocrem Take to Work?

A regular application of Sudocrem reduces scar visibility after six weeks. So, you will have to wait for up to six weeks to observe visible results with Sudocrem. 

However, the result may also depend on the skin type and frequency of usage. The zinc oxide and benzyl alcohol in Sudocrem make it effective in treating acne spots. Your body must get enough zinc to fight infection and inflammation.

Benefits of Using Sudocrem

Following are some of the benefits that you may experience using Sudocrem.

  1. Reduce Scars

Unofficially, Sudocrem is famous for its ability to heal scars. However, Sudocrem has not been clinically proven to reduce scarring. Still, one of its key ingredients has plenty of evidence that suggests it works.

Among other ingredients, Sudocrem contains zinc oxide. This product is also highly effective at treating hypertrophic scarring and often raised scars that result from a cut or injury that does not heal properly. 

This scarring can appear in different ways depending on the injury. The type of scars a person develops depends on the cause. Some of the most common causes include surgery, burns, and body piercings.

Zinc oxide is known to reduce the appearance of scars after six weeks when applied regularly on the scar. Sudocrem could reduce the redness around scars and improve their appearance by using it for an extended time.

  1. Stopping Chafing

Sudocrem is also effective in the treatment of chafing. The chafing describes sore, red patches of skin often caused by rubbing, moisture, and fabric that rubs together. 

There is often irritation caused by heat and clothing that does not act as a barrier during the summer months. It affects many endurance athletes and other people as well.

Although Sudocrem won’t prevent chafing, it has antibacterial properties and skin-soothing properties that can help soothe the condition. It comprises lanolin and zinc oxide as its main ingredients.

Lanolin reduces water loss due to its anti-osmotic properties. Chafing is most common in areas where the skin is rough, dry, flaky, causing the water loss through the skin to be up to 30 per cent.

Sudocrem will begin disinfecting the area as soon as you apply it. Preventing pain, soothing the skin, and helping it heal are all benefits of the cream.

  1. Creating a Hair Dye Barrier

Many people have difficulty when their hair dye comes in contact with their skin. The product that has received high praise from everyone without a scientific basis, from stylists to influencers, is Sudocrem.

However, this time, Sudocrem’s benefits come not from its ingredients but its composition. This cream is heavy and sticks to the skin when applied. 

Additionally, it is not harmful to the skin, making it an ideal barrier to use around your hairline when using strong hair dyes. Since any dye that leaks won’t stain your skin. 

It is easy to remove the dye after applying a simple removal method. It would also work with other products for the same reasons. Vaseline is best known for being used as a barrier against hair dye because the balm works much like Sudocrem.

  1. Ideal for Plucking & Waxing

After plucking brows, Sudocrem is an excellent product to use since it reduces scars and prevents chafing. Skin can become red and sore after plucking eyebrows. 

Benzyl alcohol, the third key ingredient, works great to reduce the burning sensation and soreness after waxing due to its antiseptic properties. As a result, it soothes the skin and keeps moisture within, giving it a healthier appearance after the waxing.

  1. Calm Chilblains

A person can develop a rash of red, itchy patches anywhere on their skin after going outside in the cold. Topical creams such as Sudocrem can usually alleviate the irritation after two to three weeks.

In addition to providing soothing effects on the skin, the combination of ingredients in the cream also helps it heal while feeling less itchy.

  1. Healing Cuts & Burns

In addition to providing a protective barrier for the skin, it prevents bacteria from entering, making it ideal for treating minor cuts. 

The zinc in Sudocrem, one of its main components, is also said to help speed the healing process for burns and cuts. The wound needs to heal, but it will also help heal more quickly if the additional topical application is applied.

Sudocrem contains another ingredient, benzyl alcohol, that acts as a pain reliever. It is an effective anaesthetic in itself. Some surgeries use it to prolong the effects of another anaesthetic, such as lidocaine.

  1. Sunburn Recover

A soothing balm that contains all of Sudocrem’s properties is the perfect treatment for sunburn. There isn’t enough evidence to prove it is an effective remedy for sunburn specifically. Still, it has been shown that it reduces discomfort.

  1. Ease Molluscum

Most common among children is a viral infection called molluscum. This condition is characterized by firm, raised spots on the skin that can be extremely itchy. 

Sudocrem offers relief to those who suffer from molluscum, but the NHS recommends it as an alternative to self-treatment. This medicine eases the uncomfortable symptoms of molluscum, such as itching, in the same way, that Sudocrem relieves chilblains.

Even though there is no direct relationship between molluscum and Sudocrem, many parents apply the product when spots appear on their children. Benzyl alcohol and zinc in the Sudocrem prevent scarring, while benzyl alcohol soothes any pain.


After six weeks of regular application, scar visibility will have reduced due to using Sudocrem. Therefore, to experience visible results with Sudocrem, you will need to wait for at least six weeks. 

Nonetheless, the result may also be affected by several other factors, such as skin type and frequency of application.  

Sudocrem is known for combating acne spots due to its chemical composition of zinc oxide and benzyl alcohol. However, if you have planned to use Sudocrem on your skin, you should also contact a dermatologist at least once.