How Long Do Cheek Fillers Take To Settle?

When planning to get cheek fillers, you may want to know how long it takes cheek fillers to settler. Understandably, many people are self-conscious about their low or barely visible cheekbones. This is why cheek fillers may be a good choice for you. But how long will it take for cheek fillers to settle?

Some results will be visible right away following the injection. After one to two days, the filler should settle into its new position on your face and take effect. So, you won’t have to wait for too long to see the results of your cheek filler procedure. If you follow the prescribed aftercare program, your cheek fillers could last up to a year.

How Long Do Cheek Fillers Take to Settle?

Cheek fillers fill out the spaces above and around your cheekbones by injecting fluids. In essence, this gives the impression of an enhanced bone structure. 

The skin beneath the cheeks gets more volume with cheek fillers resulting in smoother skin. After going through the cheek filler procedure, you can see some results right away. 

It will take one to two days for the filler to take effect after it settles into its new position on your face. There will be no need for you to wait longer for the results of cheek fillers.

Are Cheek Fillers Suitable for Everyone?

No cheek fillers are not for everyone. The usage of cheek fillers depends on the patient. But generally, people with droopy cheeks and sides usually prefer cheek fillers. 

These fillers lift sunken areas and provide a youthful appearance. In general, the volume of your face decreases as you age, but genetics play a more significant role than age. Therefore, if you have perfectly high cheekbones, cheek fillers probably aren’t an excellent choice for you.

It is possible to “dissolve” fillers to lessen or remove their effect if your doctor applied excessive fillers or you are not happy with the results. Speak to your doctor to find out if they offer this service.

What Is the Lifespan of Cheek Fillers?

The answer to the lifespan of cheek fillers is determined by numerous factors, such as the amount of filler your dermatologist uses and type of filler you choose. 

Fillers usually last between six months to one year. Therefore, you need to talk to your doctor about what affordable fillers last a reasonable amount of time

What Is the Price of Cheek Fillers?

A patient cannot receive an estimate for their injections until they discuss their issues with the doctor. Many factors affect the price of cheek fillers and dermal fillers. 

Your age, the product you use, the volume loss you’ve experienced, and the result you’re trying to achieve all affect the price. The region in which you receive treatment is also an essential factor. 

However, the average cost per injection is anywhere from £250 upward. Don’t forget that the cost of the injection goes beyond the product. 

When you pay for filler, you’re paying for the injector’s expertise and experience. There’s no reason to underpay for cosmetic injections. 

What Preparation Should You Make Before Getting Cheek Fillers?

There is nothing too strenuous you need to do before getting cheek fillers. Generally speaking, you should refrain from blood thinners two weeks before your procedure and refrain from alcohol two days beforehand. However, your dermatologist may give you specific instructions.

Recovery time is short with cheek fillers. It is absolutely safe to return to your regular schedule after receiving Juvederm Voluma injections in the cheeks.

Some slight discomfort may occur after the treatment, but it is minimal. It is possible to consume pain relievers to alleviate this.

How do I Select a Doctor for Cheek Fillers?

Any dermal filler treatment should be executed by a qualified dermatologist. The results of your cheek filler injection may be affected if the treatment is not performed correctly. 

If you want the perfect balance with cheek fillers, you need to find someone who knows how to do it, so they look good when you smile or are resting. 

You can determine this by asking your doctor to show you pictures of their previous work. It’s an excellent way to determine their aesthetic because each doctor has their preferred method.

How Painful Are Cheek Fillers?

It is common for doctors to apply numbing cream to your skin before injecting it to not experience much pain. 

You will feel some pressure after the filler is injected, but it shouldn’t be excruciating. In the event of swelling after the procedure, your doctor should apply some ice.

What Should I Expect After Receiving Cheek Fillers?

After the cheek fillers procedure, you may experience swelling, and it may look different from what you expected. Don’t panic if your cheeks appear “bigger” than you originally intended. 

It would be best to allow yourself five days after your filler to settle before judging its results. Swelling can distort the shape, so wait until the swelling settles. 

In those five days, you might also experience some minor bruising. If you’re experiencing anything odd, don’t hesitate to contact your dermatologist. Infections and scarring are very rare, but they can happen.

What to Avoid After Getting Cheek Fillers?

For up to two days after your procedure, it is best not to participate in Pilates class or attend happy hour. Don’t massage your face or use a jade roller during the first three weeks to ensure that your filler settles well

And if you have a dentist appointment scheduled, perhaps you should postpone it by three weeks to avoid infection. Besides, if you are unhappy with the results after applying the cheek fillers, you can also remove them.

You can remove them with temporary HA fillers if you’re unhappy with the results. By injecting hyaluronidase, your doctor can break down hyaluronic acid. It is, however, very painful, and the results are immediate.


Injectable cheek fillers augment the areas around and above the cheekbones. As a result, these areas appear to have better bone density. Wrinkles and fine lines can smooth out beneath the skin with cheek fillers, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

You can observe some results immediately after having the cheek filler procedure. Once your face settles into its new position, the filler will start working after one to two days

You benefit from the results of this treatment in a matter of days. And the effect could last you up to a year or two based on the type of fillers and the care taken to maintain them.