What Does Zara Mean?

Are you planning to name your baby girl “Zara” and want to know what Zara means? During the past decade, the name Zara has become more popular worldwide. It reached its peak ranking of 215 in 2020 due to this popularity. Zara is among the top 100 names in England, Wales, and Scotland. But what does Zara mean?

Zara is an Arabic name that means “radiance.” While it is a variation of Zahrah, an Arabic name that means “blooming flower,” Zara has multiple origins. Zara is also believed to be a diminutive of Zaharina, a feminine version of Zechariah. This Hebrew name means “God remembers.”. Its association with a popular store in Spain doesn’t diminish its appeal.

What Does Zara Mean?

Zara means radiance in Arabic. There are several names with the same basic meaning as Zara. Still, the most prominent one is Zahrah, which originates from Arabic and means “blooming flower.”.

Besides being a diminutive of Zechariah, Zara may also be a feminine version of the masculine name Zaharina, which is derived from a Hebrew name meaning “God remembrances”.

This beautiful and somewhat uncommon name is also the name of a well-known Spanish clothing store, but that does not diminish its charm. Names also give strength and add charm to the personality. 

Occasionally people may mistake you for wealth even though you may not be. You need to discover the hidden power over others and utilize it effectively. 

People are drawn to you because of your ability to influence, inspire, and influence them. It’s easy to see how people perceive you as an influential person when they hear the name Zara. 

You create a feeling of pure power that makes you look both confident and intimidating at the same time when you radiate it to others. Before you participate in a worthwhile cause, it takes some convincing on your part. It is because you have a selfish nature.

Secret Meaning of Zara

A few words cannot convey ‘Zara’ meaning in its true sense. A name plays an integral part in shaping your personality, destiny, and heart’s desire. For example, the name Zara conveys the notion of adventure and pioneering spirit. 

They possess natural leadership ability, a high level of focus, and a drive for success. The capability of enduring hardship for the sake of new experiences comes naturally to you. 

Being too busy with unimportant tasks frustrates you. You can make decisions and make things happen by yourself. Your energy and confidence are also something you possess.

Peace and harmony are the two things that your heart yearns for more than anything else. You need friendships and society to get by in the world. 

You avoid confrontations as much as you can because of your gentle nature. You have an internal battle within you whenever you are unsure of anything. 

Often, you feel reluctant to state plainly what you want and how you feel. Furthermore, if you face an aggressive person, it is more likely that you will give up to avoid a fight. You dislike having your power over you taken away.

Zara’s popularity has increased globally for the past ten years. As a result, it ranked 215 globally in 2020. In England, Wales, and Scotland, Zara is one of the top 100 names.

As a result of Princess Anne’s 1981 decision to give her daughter this Arabic name, it gained instant upper-class status in the UK. And Zara ranked 215th on the list of popular girls’ names. 

In 2020, 1327 babies were given the name Zara. One in every 1,320 babies born in 2020 was named Zara.

Zara Origin

As a girl’s name, Zara comes from Arabic and Hebrew origins. The meaning of the name is “blooming flower; God remembers”. 

Zara originates from more than one origin, most notably from Zahrah, an Arabic name that means “blooming flower.” Zara is also a diminutive of Zaharina, a Hebrew acronym for Zachariah. 

Today, Zara shares a profoundly ingrained connection to the Spanish fashion brand of the same name. Zara is an attractive name associated with a sultry East Asian character in movies and novels. 

It was Greta Garbo who played such a character in the 1932 film. Zara gained instant upper-class status in 1981 when Princess Anne gave her daughter the Arabic name.

William Congreve used Zara as the name of an African queen in his 1697 play The Mourning Bride. Zara may also be spelt Zahra or Zarah, a spelling Chris Rock used for his daughter.

Historical Origin

One could argue that Zara is a literary invention. During the seventeenth century, the French philosopher Voltaire wrote a play called “Zaïre” that became a massive hit on the Parisian stage. 

Zara: A Tragedy” was translated into English quickly and enjoyed equal success in London. Voltaire’s tragic heroine’s name (Zaïre) appears to have been inspired by an Arabic name “Zahrah” (زهرة). 

In the play, Christian Zaïre, taken as an enslaved person by the Muslims during the Crusades, falls in love with the Sultan. This tragic end reminds us what happens when religious intolerance and suspicion rule the world. 

Zara is considered a diminutive because it is Arabic in origin and is also a Bulgarian and Macedonian version of the Biblical male name Zachariah. 

Among some Slavic countries, Zara is a popular name because of this. Princess Anne made the name more popular in Great Britain by naming her only daughter Zara in 1981. 

The exotic nature of the name generated some attention. There is a lot of demand for the name Zara across the English-speaking world today. In addition to Australia, Zara is also famous in England/Wales and Scotland.


There are many roots to the name Zara. In addition to being a variation of Zahrah, an Arabic name that means “blooming flower,” Zara has multiple historical origins.

Zara may be a diminutive of both Zechariah and Zaharina, a feminine version of a Hebrew name meaning God remembrances. 

When Princess Anne gave this Arabic name to her daughter in 1981, Zara became an instant sensation in the country. 

On the list of the most popular names for girls, Zara ranked 215th. The name Zara was given to 1327 babies in the year 2020. It means that one out of every 1,320 babies born in 2020 had the name Zara.