How Long Does Fake Tan Take To Dry?

You could ruin your clothes if you’re unsure about how long fake tan takes to dry. However, the drying times of various tanning products differ from one to another.

In general, fake tans dry quickly. In most cases, fake tans take between 2 and 35 minutes to dry. Some tans may take longer than others, depending on various factors. Wearing clothes while the tan is drying is not recommended because the tan may transfer to the clothes. If you decide to dress, opt for dark or baggy clothing.

The tanning industry has seen a significant increase in tanning products over the last few years. Gone are the days when sunbathing was the only way to get a nice tan. We all enjoy a good suntan, especially after being stuck at home for so long.

However, whether you want your skin to look slightly sun-kissed or completely bronzed, using a tanning product is a better option. It is a quick and straightforward way to achieve flawless glowing skin.

With so many tanning products available, it’s good to know how long a fake tan takes to dry. So, in this article, we’ll go over how long it takes for a fake tan to dry based on the most common tanning products.

What Determines How Long Does a Fake Tan Take to Dry?

Determining how long fake tan takes to dry comes down to various factors. This includes the body cream that you use. Certain body creams act as barriers to tanning products, making it more difficult for a fake tan to dry.

Your type of skin also plays a role. The absorption rate of your skin pores influences the drying time.

In addition, the number of layers of fake tan you apply in one session also affects the drying time. The more layers applied, the longer the drying time. And, of course, it entirely depends on the tanning product you use. You can check the drying times at the back of the tanning product for instructions. 

How Do Speed Up The Fake Tan Drying Process?

You can use a few tricks to speed up the drying process. Use a hairdryer if you’re on the go and simply want your tan to dry faster. A hairdryer expedites the drying of any fake tan. Use a cool setting on the hairdryer because the heat can lead to sweating. Sweating can cause traces in your fake tan.

You can also use a fan to completely dry your fake tan. Whether it’s a portable or standing fan, sufficient aeration will increase the speed at which it dries. Avoid having the fan on too high because it will also cause streaking.

Using a mitt to apply the tan speeds up the drying process and ensures an even application. You can also use the mitt to wipe away any excess tanning product.

Reduce the amount of tan you apply because this will cause traces on your skin. Avoid taking a shower prior to a fake tan application. If you decide to shower, use a small amount of baby powder to absorb any excess moisture. This will aid in the drying process.

How Long Does Fake Tan Take To Dry?

In this section, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about how long fake tan takes to dry. Even if you’re new to tanning, knowing the drying times will help you on your way to becoming a better tanner.

Tanning Lotion

Tanning lotions are ideal for fake tan newbies. This reason is that they take a while for the skin to absorb and to dry. And this gives you ample time to carry out a thorough application. 

It is vital to remember that tanning lotions are not suitable for use on the face. If you want to tan your face, use a tanning stick.

Aside from that, tanning lotions are great because they are simple to use and have a hydrating formula that is excellent for dry skin. Most of them have a creamy texture and DHA trace to give you a healthy glow.

Exfoliate the area of your skin to which you’ll be applying your tanning lotion, before put any lotion on. Apply a drop to each body part. For even coverage, use a mitt in a circular motion. We advise that you read more here on the best way to apply self-tanning lotion. 

Tanning lotions have varying drying times, determined mainly by the type of brand you choose. If, for example, a tanning lotion contains more oil, the drying time will be longer. Nonetheless, a Tanning lotion can take 20-25 minutes to dry on average.

Tanning Mousse

A tanning mousse has a light, clear consistency and a foaming formula. It is long-lasting and provides a gradual tan in a variety of shades. 

They also produce the darkest tans of any tanning product and dry between 1 – 2 minutes. Because they contain more alcohol than tanning lotions or water, tanning mousse dry faster.

If you use tanning mitts, you can accelerate the drying process. Tanning mitts also make it easier to apply tanning mousse evenly. It is vital to apply section by section to cover all visible areas properly.

Tanning Water 

These are the latest addition to the range of tanning products on the market. Tanning waters work great on any skin type. It’s vital that your skin is absolutely dry before you attempt to apply tanning water. 

By spritzing your body with tanning water, you can achieve the perfect glow. It has a liquid, ultra-moisturizing mist formula. 

They spread more evenly, allowing you to use less while achieving greater coverage. However, like lotions, tanning water dries a little slower than mousse.

Tanning water takes the longest to dry. It takes at least 30 -35 minutes to completely dry. However, the time it takes to dry varies slightly from one brand to another.

The Bottom Line 

Different fake tans dry at different rates. When you’re ready to select a tanning product, you should know how long it takes a fake tan to dry.

Some tanning products dry more slowly than others. Be sure to read the package for drying times. Avoid wearing your clothes until the fake tan has dried because this may stain them and cause traces on your skin.

Selecting the correct product is essential if you want a tan that dries quickly. First, ensure that the product you select is water-resistant. Water-resistant tanning products dry in the shortest amount of time.

Check the package for any DHA (dihydroxyacetone) ingredients as well. DHA shortens the drying time of tanning products and gives you a deeper, longer-lasting tan. If you want a tanning product that dries quickly, we strongly recommend purchasing a tanning mousse.