How Long Does a Tan Last?

The beautiful brown from a tanned skin makes people ask, “How long does a tan last?”. In the UK and globally, people appreciate tanning the skin as a sign of beauty and appearance enhancement. However, getting an artificial tan can bring about doubts regarding the lasting effects of the tan on your skin. 

A tan typically lasts for seven to ten days with the proper skin treatment after tanning it. Furthermore, several factors affect the duration of the skin tone, including the type of tanning and the nature of the skin. It may last for only a day in some cases where the person doesn’t take care of the skin. 

You can now give your skin another beautiful shade as long as you do it right. Keep reading for more in-depth answers to the question, “How long does a tan last?”.

What Do You Need to Know About Tanning?

When you talk about tanning the skin, you’re referring to giving it a shade of stunning brown colour. Black people have a skin component known as melanin which produces the black colour we see on their skin. The result of the darker skin can be natural from the sun’s rays or through artificial tanning methods.

After continuous exposure to the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays, the skin produces melanin to secure itself. Natural sun tanning is the most genuine and lasts for a long time, if not a lifetime. On the other hand, artificial methods use tanning beds or spray tans.

Tanning beds imitate the natural method, mixing UVA and UVB rays and using them on your skin. It will last longer but may cause serious health effects and may eventually damage your skin in the long run. Spray cans use colours that won’t harm your skin, but it lasts for a shorter period.

What Are Some Side Effects of Tanning Your Skin?

Firstly, there are no recorded medical benefits of tanning your skin, even though rumours may mention its benefits. Aside from promoting your beauty, it doesn’t do any special skin treatment or boost your colour.

People who live in regions of a hotter sun may naturally have their tanned skin and won’t need further tanning. There may be no terrible health impact of exposure to the rays for these people. On the other hand, the sun’s rays are for those who want to suntan their skins. 

The tanning of your skin using the sun rays may cause heat rashes, sunburns and terrible skin cancers like melanoma. It may also lead to dehydration, eye damage and early ageing as the skin loses elasticity. Tanning beds are carcinogenic to humans and may destroy the skin beyond repair.  

How Long Does a Tan Last?

With the details on tanning your skin, you may wonder, ‘how long does a tan last?’ Typically, a tan lasts for seven to ten days, even though this actually depends on several factors. Your skin’s regeneration speed, type of tan, and application frequency determine its duration.

In some cases, spray tans, for example, can last for only a day. For some others, it may last for up to ten days. It all depends on how the persons handle their tanned skin.

For those who have naturally tanned skin, the tan may be permanent. Otherwise, a tan is never permanent. Anyone outside this circle either enters the sun regularly or uses a tanning lotion frequently.     

There are steps to make the tanning last longer and keep it from fading quickly. Consider taking the following steps below:

Watch Your Bath

Don’t take a hot or steaming shower, leading to tan wearing out more quickly. Settle for warmer or cool showers to keep the tan fresh.

Use a Moisturiser

The more moisture the skin gets, the slower its process of exfoliation, which makes it removes tan traces. Use a moisturiser like avocado oil to keep the skin’s moisture and retain its glow.

Get a Tan Extender

You can find lotions in the market that help extend the length of the tan on your skin. These lotions promote the action of melanin on the skin and keep it looking a shade darker than usual.


When you ask ‘how long does a tan last?’, the answer varies with different factors to consider. Finally, before tanning your skin, you know what it takes and how long it will stay tanned.