How to Dissolve A Filler Naturally?

People often ask how to dissolve a filler naturally after using one. People are usually tired of waiting so long for fillers to dissolve. Before getting your first filler, it may be helpful to understand when you will see results. You should also consider how long those results might last and how long it takes to dissolve the fillers if you don’t like the results.

The use of hyaluronic acid can help dissolve fillers naturally. Your body gradually breaks down fillers in the form of substances. In most cases, it’s hyaluronic acid, but there are also other fillers, so ensure you thoroughly research before using it. Fillers made of hyaluronic acid dissolve themselves due to the action of an enzyme naturally present in the body called hyaluronidase.

How to Dissolve a Filler Naturally?

Fillers do not last forever, just like most things in life. Your post-filler appearance will eventually disappear if you don’t touch up your filler regularly. 

There are both benefits and drawbacks to this; although you should have more injections to maintain your results, you won’t be stuck with changes you didn’t want.

You can dissolve fillers naturally by using hyaluronic acid. The body gradually breaks down Fillers as substances. Hyaluronic acid is usually the filler of choice, but others exist, so ensure you research them thoroughly before using them. 

The hyaluronic acid fillers dissolve within the body when a naturally occurring enzyme – hyaluronidase – comes into play. The hyaluronidase enzyme takes 6 to 12 months to degrade hyaluronic acid.

How Long Does It Take Fillers to Settle?

The full effects of dermal fillers usually appear after 2-3 weeks, but exceptions may occur. After the filler injection, it takes several days for the chemical to break down, penetrate the tissue, and start moisturizing the skin.

For different fillers, you can expect different times to show results. It usually takes two weeks for the effects of Juvederm and Restylane fillers to become noticeable.

On the other hand, there is a two-week settling time for Radiesse fillers. However, the final results from Sculptra are noticeably longer-lasting than those from other fillers.

After using the filler, some patients may experience a slight swelling and slight bruising. Still, it will subside within a week to ten days.

What Is the Natural Time for Fillers to Dissolve?

The rate at which different fillers dissolve naturally varies. Most dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid begin to dissolve after around six months to a year. 

Up to two years are possible for the effects of Sculptra on the face. In general, we do not recommend using synthetic lip fillers since they tend to last longer than a year. 

Lip filler materials, by nature of lip anatomy, do not always remain in the exact location over time. If the filler is not temporary and easy to replace, it can be challenging to maintain the patient’s desired appearance.

Fillers are typically sold to last until the last drop dissolves. In most cases, volume loss occurs within six to nine months of using fillers. You should always touch up and use layer products before wholly dissolved.

Is It Possible to Remove Fillers Before They Naturally Wear Off?

Fillers are great because they can be adjusted much more quickly than cosmetic surgery. Patients can be unsatisfied with the outcome of cosmetic medical procedures, even if they work with experts.

A skilled medical provider can help if you do not like the appearance of your filler and wish to reverse it. There are plenty of fillers that are easily dissolvable or reducible. 

Except for Sculptra, which produces collagen as the final result, no reversal is possible. Radiesse is also not reversible since it is a calcium-based cream, not a hyaluronic acid-based cream.

With the hyaluronic acid enzyme, such as Juvederm, hyaluronic acid fillers can dissolve very quickly. You may not see the full effect of this injection for 2-3 days due to slight swelling or bruising.

Generally speaking, hyaluronidase is not as risky as fillers themselves, but it does have some risks. The patient should do a patch test on the arm before getting an injection in the face to make sure they are not allergic.

Things to Know Before Applying Fillers

Following are the things that you should know before using fillers.

Side Effects May Occur

The majority of fillers contain naturally occurring components. The majority of fillers are fully biocompatible and do not have any known adverse effects. However, dermal fillers can leave injection sites swollen, bruised, and bleeding for a short time. 

Suppose the doctor determines that these issues are present. In that case, they can prescribe several preventatives and remedies, such as stopping certain medications or applying ice directly to the treated area. 

In general, these side effects are temporary and resolve independently for most patients.

Results Are Not Permanent

There is an excellent average lifespan of around 12 months for most dermal fillers, with most lasting between 6 and 18 months. 

Improvements to one’s appearance and complexion can last for years, but they aren’t permanent. It is understandable to most patients since few other aspects of life are also not permanent, including physique and beauty.

High Cost

The price of dermal fillers is another thing that you should think about. They can help us look younger and more attractive, but their prices can be prohibitive for some patients. 

For cosmetic procedures, financing is usually available. No interest is charged if the balance is paid within a promotional period, such as six, twelve, or 18 months.

Other Issues

Last but not least, dermal fillers do have a few disadvantages that are worth mentioning; however, they are scarce. The metabolizing rate of fillers may be higher in some patients than in others. 

Occasionally, a patient may suffer additional side effects, such as rashes, lumps or incorrect injections. They are extremely rare if a knowledgeable and experienced injector performs the procedure.


Using hyaluronic acid as a dissolving agent can dissolve fillers naturally. The body gradually breaks down the substances that fillers are composed of. 

Although hyaluronic acid is the most common filler, other fillers also exist, so you must do your research if you consider using them. A naturally occurring enzyme named hyaluronidase is responsible for destroying the hyaluronic acid fillers within the body. 

So, even if you do not use any product to speed up the process, you can still get fillers dissolved naturally in your body within a given time.