How Much Does A Nipple Piercing Cost UK?

We all agree that nipple piercing is a preserve of experts, but how much does nipple piercing cost in the UK? Well, people pierce their nipples for different reasons. Some view piercings as a form of expression. For others, it’s a symbol of rebellion or a statement of belief. And yet, for some people, it might be that one final touch to their classic look. 

Nipple piercing should not cost an arm and a leg. You will find piercers who get the job done at affordable rates if you do your research well. Piercing one nipple will cost between £30 and £50, and you’re likely to get a discount if you pierce two nipples. Factor in the cost of jewellery and, if possible, get jewellery from the piercer.  

Cost of Piercing and Jewellery 

As you consider the cost of piercing, also consider the kind of jewellery you would want to have. For your first piercing, it is recommended that you go for a long, 14-gauge straight barbell. This has minimum migration and a reduced amount of descending pressure on healing fistulas. You might choose to get the jewellery separately, but sometimes it is less costly if you get both from the studio.  

The price of nipple piercing differs according to the location of the establishment. The number of nipples to be pierced and the rating of the piercer may also affect the price. You are likely to get a better deal if you pierce two nipples instead of one at a time. If you go for both nipple piercing and jewellery, the cost will be higher, but you’ll get a better deal. UK piercers charge an average of £30-£40 per nipple, but this can be subsidised if you go for two nipples.  

How Do I Find a Good Piercer? 

The UK has witnessed a surge in the number of people seeking piercing and a corresponding increase in piercers. Celebrities are driving the surge so expect high-end piercers in upmarket London such as Kensington, West Brompton, and Knightsbridge. But mid-range and budget piercers are also available, and with some research, you can get good value for money.  


Conduct desktop research and identify a piercer who constantly delivers based on verified reviews. Be warned that people can hire reviewers nowadays or get the software to do the trick. The good news is that if you are careful, you will quickly identify paid reviews. 

Visit and Observe 

Visit the piercer’s salon and check their licensing, hygiene standards, and get to know their standard operating procedures. Be sure to seek clarification in case something is not clear. On your visit, check to ensure that tattoos and nipple piercing are done in separate rooms.  

Breastfeeding and Nipple Piercing 

Effects of nipple piercing on breastfeeding divide opinion even among medical practitioners. While there is no documented evidence that nipple piercing affects breastfeeding, mothers should proceed with caution. It might take 8 to 16 months for a nipple to recover completely. 

An expertly done nipple piercing with the right jewellery is not expected to affect breast function in a significant way. However, excessive scarring should be avoided because it may cause persistent breast engorgement, decreased milk expression, and abscess formation. Note that jewellery must be removed during breastfeeding because the infant might develop metal allergies. 

Types of Jewellery 

There is a wide array of jewellery for piercings on offer. However, you have to wait until your nipple heals fully before you start experimenting with them.

  • Pinchers and circular barbells: U shaped loops that hang with the middle of the U penetrating the nipple and the straight sides of the U facing downwards. 
  • Captives, segment, and seamless rings: An excellent alternative to straight barbells. However, it’s not advisable to get these if your piercing is still healing. If so, these will apply unnecessary stress to the fistulas. 
  • Bent barbells: These are good alternatives for straight barbells because they exert the slightest pressure on the healing tissues. They can follow with the physical curvature of the chest. And they’re, therefore, more comfortable to wear than straight barbells.
  • Nipple shields: They comprise a embellished shield that could be of any size or design. And include a straight barbell that penetrates the nipple piercing. They are made explicitly for nipple piercings.
  • Nipple piercing retainers: These are designed to preserve your piercing until such a time you are ready to insert jewellery. They basically help you keep your nipple piercing open without inserting any metal. Discrete and comes in different materials.  

Things to Note  

  • The piercer must have a properly functioning autoclave to sterilise piercing equipment.
  • Piercing guns tend to be challenging to sterilise, so don’t allow them to pierce you with it.
  • Ensure that they have sterile, sealed, single-use needles which should be opened in your presence. 
  • Be mindful of allergies when selecting jewellery. Go for metals like gold, titanium, and niobium, among others. They are more expensive but safer. 
  • Stay away from nickel, which is cheaper but prone to skin reactions. 
  • Nipples are often pierced horizontally, although it can also be done diagonally or vertically. Those who don’t mind taking it to the next level can go for multiple piercings. 
  • If nipple piercings are suitable for others, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are appropriate for you. Your anatomy might not support the procedure. It is, therefore, advisable to check with your doctor before you perform the procedure. 
  • Though unlikely, the risk of infection cannot be ruled out completely. Every measure of care must be taken to prevent this. 
  • It is mandatory for your piercing to provide you with aftercare instructions.  

How Painful Is Nipple Piercing? 

This varies from person to person, but you can expect to feel some pressure accompanied by a sharp scratch. Some people say it is not so painful, but there is also a legion of people who say the pain is unbearable. Try to relax and get rid of the anxiety, but consider numbing skin if you don’t do very well handling pain. 


Nipple piercing is slowly becoming mainstream in the UK. And while people experience pain in different ways, the bottom line is that the procedure is bearable. With £30 to £50 in your pocket, you have enough to pierce one nipple. If you pierce two nipples at once, you may be afforded a discount. 

Opt for medium gauge 14 or 12 straight barbells for a fresh piercing. These have minimum migration and apply a lesser amount of pressure on healing fistulas. That said, you must carry out thorough research to ensure to utilize a piercer who knows his trade well.