Haim: An Introduction | TQS Magazine

What do you get when you take three Californian sisters, who spent their youth playing in the family rock band alongside hairbrush singing to 90s RnB?

The answer is Haim, the all-girl band whose sound resonates of Michael Jackson, Alanis Morisette and Pearl Jam…but cooler.

Their vocal harmonies are complex (which comes, I imagine, from making music together since they were young) and their song writing innovative. Team all of this with waist length messy hair, permanently glued Ray-Bans and Converse and the result is three sisters who are exactly what I always wanted to be…[sigh].

Go Slow is perhaps my favourite track – the chorus has a Lennox-esque punch and is perfect for any moments of wine fuelled self-reflection.

They’re currently in the process of recording a full album but you can buy all their current tracks on iTunes (they’re on Spotify, too) and I recommend get listening to these soon as their sound has a distinctive summer semblance.

If you disagree with my idolatry of Haim feel free to calm me down on Twitter.