Grub Club x Wandering Chef: The Pig Lebowski | TQS Magazine

“Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man…”

The lovely folks at Grub Club are all about connecting foodies with the best chefs and dining experiences, and this summer, they’ve teamed up with the glorious team at The Wandering Chef to bring a little bit of food based wonderment to some cult classic cinema.

As TQS’ resident immersive cinema geek, I was very excited to be invited to the first of these culinary silver screen adventures, the pleasingly named ‘The Pig Lebowski’, and it didn’t disappoint. There was a slightly soggy bit of queuing to get in, but fancy dress spotting helped pass the time. Never have there been so many Viking hats and dressing gowns, united in one establishment.

Greeted with a White Russian, we nestled in to watch The Dude and Walter play a few rounds of oversized ten-pin bowls. The options on the night were:

  EL DUDERINO”: Chipotle Glazed Ribs with Pickled Onion Salsa Salad

  “THE STRIKE”: Sweet Onion Mustard Hotdog with Gibriche Salad and Chips

  “FERRET FOOD”: Macaroni Cheese with Chilli Apple Relish

After much deliberation on whether or not to go veggie for the evening (the chilli apple relish almost swung it), I opted for the ribs, and my friend went for the hot dog, and like all good little pigs should, we shared between us.

The pickled onion salsa salad, which was some kind of heavenly mixture of proper guacamole and salsa, was so delicious I claimed I might cry. The ribs were super tasty, with a nice sticky glaze that ended up warranting a crafty final wipe of the box. The hotdog was so full of extra bits it was actually kind of difficult to eat, but as is my general rule with food; if it doesn’t end up all over your face, you probably weren’t doing it right anyway.

There seemed to be some bags of sweets on offer, but after much asking around and no intel, we gave up, showed our lovely little music-streaming app at the bar for a free beer and sat down to get our Zen on while The Dude worked his magic.

It was all good fun, and the food really tied the room together (sorry) although it did get very, very busy. We got there a little earlier than recommended, and I am now recommending this to you, as we ended up pleased that we had; later into the night the queues grew and the film ended up running slightly late.

A solid first-effort for this collaboration though, one we hope to see more of.  The Last of The Burritos (starring the delicious Daniel Day-Lewis, but very much sold-out, I’m afraid!) will be filling film-loving bellies on the 24th August.

Find out more about Grub Club at the Moovies with The Wandering Chef here:

Review by Fiona Gales, find her on Twitter.