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You could tell that the synth led band were slightly knocked by the lack of electricity, but it worked to their advantage as Karin’s vocals could weave in and out of subtler noises…. Graham Coxon is a legend. And when a legend comes to Leeds, it’s like Christmas has come early! I obviously miss Blur but Coxon also has some pretty good songs. That night in The Cockpit, two supports were planned. First, Circles, a band from Leeds take the stage. I missed the beginning but I already saw them twice this year and their songs are really good indie rock anthems. Listen to In Flight if you don’t trust me! Then it’s up for Morning Parade, for whom I can’t say the same unfortunately. Their songs are radio-friendly and boring. All made… There’s a swell of anticipation before Death Cab take the stage, it’s been three years almost to the day since their last gig in Scotland and five since their last gig in Glasgow in the altogether too sweaty Barrowlands. Death Cab have come a long way since then. Their albums Transatlanticism and Plans were on many critics list of albums of the decade, they’ve had a song for one of the biggest movies in recent years with Meet Me On The Equinox appearing in the movie Twilight: New Moon.  The bands’ latest albums Narrow Stairs and Codes and Keys have… There’s a relatively sparse atmosphere upon arrival at The Cockpit for Patrick Wolf’s gig – Cocknbullkid (or at least one of them) are ill, and unable to support. So instead we’re treated to a mixtape of obscure indie songs and Lady Gaga album tracks, which we’re later told was put together by Wolf himself. Despite the hype around Wolf as a theatrical and flamboyant stage performer, there’s little to his stage entrance – a slow, acoustic number to start with, followed by a string of numbers from his first two pre-Magic Position albums. It’s a choice that divides the audience… When it comes to Swedish rock bands, I must admit that my knowledge is limited to one band: The Hives. So when a friend of mine told me that Royal Republic were playing in The Well, stressing mainly their Swedish vibe, I thought I might as well go and check them out. The Hives are one of my favourite bands live, so I was curious to see if Royal Republic were as crazy as they are….