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Our second contributor for the Queer International is Wojtek and we’ll be taking a look at his country, Poland. Here is what he had to say about gay culture in his homeland:

Q. How do you say “I’m gay and proud” in your language?

A. Jestem gejem i jestem z tego dumny

Q. Tell us about an LGBT Polish film:

Violetta VillasHBO.

A. Only a few Polish films have looked at homoerotic or homosexual themes. The most “gay” polish film was “Homo Father” by Piotr Matwiejczyk, but it’s not an outstanding work. We do however have some good LGBT documentaries, but few of these are ever shown in cinemas. A Recent example is “Trans-Akcja”, film about Anna Grodzka, creator of a foundation for transgender people created by HBO

Q. Tell us about a Polish gay icon:

When you ask someone about polish gay icons, get a lot of answers. In cinema – actress Krystyna Janda, in music – women from the 60s and 70s seem to be the iconic characters. Personally, I feel that Poland has not developed any icons, but if I must present one of them, I would suggest Violetta Villas – a singer with a powerful voice, impressive hair, sex appeal, a real sex bomb! You often hear her songs in gay clubs, and the announcement about her last concert and end of career on stage was met with a great response of disappointment among gay people. Here is a montage of pictures of her and a famous song:

Q. Is gay marriage legal in Poland?

A. No, and we don’t have civil partnership law.

Q. Describe Polish gay culture in 10 words or less.

A. Not yet in the mainstream.

Queer International – Poland was provided by Wojtek, Editor of Polish LGBT website Abiekt