Footwear blues? | TQS Magazine

When men decide to pick up a fashion trend, it’s often the most ill informed ones – particularly when it comes to footwear. Who else wore those plimsolls with no socks last summer? We’re all guilty of following a fashion against our best intentions sometimes – I know I am. Shoes can make or break an outfit, so how do you get it right?

At TQS Magazine we think there’s three staples you need to get right – the casual, the smart, and the practical. The last of the list is easy – those trainers you chuck on when you’re going for a run or to the gym – practical, easy, and not something you’d wear to visit your mum in. The other  two, however, can be a minefield. What’s appropriate for a drink with friends, and what’s appropriate for dinner with the other half? What do you do when a shoe blurs the line between smart and casual?

Luckily, Sarenza are on hand to answer these dilemmas. Not only do they have a great blog full of tips and advice (even if their men’s section could do with a fresh voice… ) but they also have a crazily large selection of footwear that you’re bound to find a style that’s perfect for any occasion.

Our top pick? These blue leather (yes, you read that right – BLUE LEATHER) derby shoes are great for the office, and for down the pub. Men’s fashion is going to take a sharper, more refined edge this year, and it’s time to up your game. Stand out from the crowd in a subtle, understated yet confident way. Team with black skinny jeans and a denim shirt, or even play with pastels as the weather gets warmer. They side step novelty to allow you a playful, yet still smart, addition to your wardrobe.

The only downfall to these shoes is that they’re not suede, which meant we couldn’t make an Elvis pun…

Words by Martin Carter, find out more about our fashion editor on the about page