Finding your feet: back to basics footwear | TQS Magazine

The success of a well dressed gent’s outfit lies in its finer detail – the cut and the fit of the jacket, the choice of key accessories – the tie, the pocket square, and of course, the shoe. We so often see guys get it wrong in the footwear department we thought we’d chuck a few go -to pointers together, with House of Fraser’s help. So if you find yourself pulling the Dr Who (suit and Converse), and still think that’s a quirky (and acceptable) way to dress for a date this winter, take a look below at our suggestion for building a sophisticated and stylish men’s shoes collection.

The brogue

Classic, simple, and very easy to make work with a myriad of looks. If you want to take a work or very a casual look up a notch or two, there’s no better way to do this than with a brogue. Looks good with a suit or with a dark jean. If you’re a bit younger, a fun, bright pair of socks can relax this shoe, and add a bit of colour in the darker months

The formal boot

Boots are slightly harder to get right, but if the weather turns they can provide a smart buffer against most of what’s chucked at them. We’ve seen more and more formal boots incorporating a more robust sole over the past few seasons, particularly with British designers. So save yourself slipping around in a pair of completely inappropriate winklepickers (we’ve been there, we know your pain), and grab yourself a sturdy but sleek number.

The leather  court shoe

Durable and long lasting, with a bit of care, simple leather court shoes are a great investment piece if you’re looking at building a foundation or capsule wardrobe. If you’ve got a couple of decent pairs already, try branching out into another colour. We’re massive fans of blue formal shoes – they’ll make you stand out in the style stakes but if you get a dark enough tone remain subtle enough to push the boundaries of your wardrobe whilst staying chic.