Film & TV | TQS Mag – Part 7

Dealing with a post-Franco society and the re-awakening of a culture from a repressive regime, the BFI’s Spanish Season is taking place in London 2 – 30 June…. In short, The Owls and Hooters are two separate films, with The Owls being a story of a group of “Older, Wiser Lesbians” who get involved in a murder, and Hooters being the documentary of the first film’s unusual production. In reality, however, the two films explore much more than the narrative which they follow…. Greg Araki’s new feature and winner of the inaugural Queer Palm at the cannes Film Festival last year , KABOOM has finally been given a UK film poster and here it is:… The second major comic book adaptation of the summer is a strange beast indeed. Not quite a full on reboot of the original franchise and also not really feeling like a true prequel, it injects new life into the tired franchise…. “My Friend from Faro” is a typical girl meets boy story. Well, sort of. If you take the general idea and throw in an age gap, casual identity theft and a colossal misunderstanding, you’re probably a lot nearer to the mark…. To be honest, I was so excited at the prospect of seeing Emily Blunt play a lezzy lady, I almost didn’t dare watch, for fear of my fragile little hopes being dashed…. double-thor-9079445 Thor may be doing well at the cinema but where did Marvel’s Norse hunk begin his adventures? Daniel Cole takes a look at Thor’s comic book past and recommends his favourite representations….