Happy Back To The Future Day! 88 facts about the DeLorean [Infographic] | TQS Magazine

It’s here, the iconic date that film fans around the world have been looking forward to – Back to the Future Day. Wednesday 21st October, 2015 – the very date in the second film “Back to the Future II”, which saw Doc and Marty visit 2015, in a DeLorean time machine from the year 1985.

It has been nearly 26 years since the release of the second film, so if you need a recap…

The end of the film saw the newly modified flying DeLorean set off from 1985 to 2015, so Marty could help save his future son. However, after arriving on 21st October, 2015, Biff steals the car and returns to the 1955 (the first film), to give his younger self a 2015 Sports Almanac, which helps him find fortune – changing the course of history. Marty and Doc Brown return to 1985, finding themselves in an alternate universe. Marty’s father is dead and his mother is now trapped in an unhappy marriage, as Biff rules the city. It was left to Marty to try and fix history.

Another story that is nearly as Hollywood-worthy as the film itself, is the life of John Z DeLorean, a famous General Motors Executive who left in 1973, to form DeLorean Motor Company. In celebration of the film, date and the DeLorean itself (the only car ever produced by the DeLorean Motor Company), The Car Buying Service have put together an infographic of 88 facts about the star of the show – the DMC-12 car, its founder and fans. Even the most knowledgeable film fans will be surprised at some of the DeLorean themed facts that have been uncovered.

Happy reading Back to the Future fans!