Film & TV | TQS Mag – Part 6

Well this week sees the release of Rise of the Planets of The Apes in cinemas across the UK and to celebrate this TQS is having a run down of the ten best Apes to grace the Superhero genre. Alas the apes of the comics aren’t really shown in a great light, as only three of the ten primates on the list are good guys, the rest are out to get us!… Classic 50s Hollywood Musical. Check. Glass of Champagne on arrival. Check. Live performances of movie classic by local band. Check. 50s Fancy Dress. Check. Are we going? CHECK…. If you’re looking for a different cinema experience to that of your local Vue or Odeon then get yourself down to Miniciné at Leeds Armley Mills. Within a stone’s throw of the Kirkstall leisure complex and typically taking place on the last Thursday of every month, Miniciné is, as the name suggests, an intimate twist on a typical night at the movies…. Both Thor and X-Men: First Class have already had their shots and they have generally received positive reviews (and I would recommend watching both of them). Now it’s the turn of DC’s Green Lantern to light up the screen in an emerald glow…. chris-hemsworth-thor-2-4653567 The last few years have seen swathes of comic book film adaptations and with Thor & X Men First Class having enjoyed huge box office success this year it seems appetite isn’t going to wane any time soon. Maybe it’s the marvelous powers and abilities or the fantastical stories that draw people in but here at TQS we can’t help but feel the lycra-clad hunks might also have something to do with it….