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A Simple Life is a film which sits just on right side of sentimentality and is as touching as it is steadfast in its depiction of the human condition.

We review ‘Call Me Kuchu’ by Katherine Fairfax Wright, the extraordinary story of a courageous group of Ugandan LGBT activists, lead by the charismatic and sadly deceased David Kato.

Storage 24 won’t be remembered in a year or two, but it’s relatively entertaining and a perfectly good Halloween flick.

King of Devil’s Island tells a much tested and timeless tale of individualism in the face of conformity, of innocence corrupted.

Taken 2 seems to have grown tired of the chase much like Bryan’s claim that he has grown tired of his work.

With the eerie silence that falls upon this film, only to be filled by the tick-tocking of Gordon Levitt’s pocket watch, Looper is a futuristic sci-fi that is sure to thrill and leave you stunned, wanting to watch more.

A creepy children’s stop motion zombie comedy that pays homage to the horror genre. ParaNorman tells the frightfully ghoulish tale of Norman and his ability to see and communicate with the dead.

Whether you are a NASCAR enthusiast or not, this award winning documentary will captivate and inspire.

Anna Karenina film review: A romantic tragedy that foregrounds the theatricality of our lives.

With a tough act to follow, Total Recall is not as eye-poppingly charismatic as its predecessor, but it manages to bring this old tale into the 21st Century.